How does actress Brooke Shields Keep up with her kids on Snapchat ?

May 24, 2016
First published on:May 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress, model, and former child star Brooke Shields are one of those fortunate children who got a chance to be a model at a young age of 11 months.

50-year-old gorgeous lady gets more comfortable with Instagram when it comes to social media.


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She said-

”I'm an Instagram fan. I think it's one of the first things that I didn't feel overwhelmed by. I have two daughters, and they're obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat and all of those things, and it's always been so terrifying to me as a parent [laughs]. It's taken me a little while to sort of come around to it and feels comfortable with it because I get to dictate it myself.”

And about her daughters to put them on track, about their social media, she says-

“We've had many a conversation about it, and the phone has been taken away many a time. They're still under the belief that just because they can't see a Snapchat after 24 hours or whatever, it doesn't exist. I'm going to prove it to them somehow. It's just a question of whether I use fear tactics or not [laughs]. Finally my daughter did tell me, "Mom, I promise you, I will tire of this soon," so I am encouraged that her kissy face from every angle really does have a shelf life.”


But personally Shields does not use Snapchat and there is something about it that she does not understand.

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