How do you Replace a Skylight?

HitBerryPublished on   24 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Most of the places people don’t have windows in every corner of their home and some of the sides of the home gets totally darks to see. Due to this reasons, most of the times it's difficult to work around at home, adding a skylight may help you around with your working and it's easy to see everything easily.

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Replacing or repairing skylight windows to your home is a great and easy way to pass the natural light for creating open light in a closed space. skylight windows can be placed in areas where sun ray may pass through the houses, such as upstairs, upper basements of your house.

In the summer seasons of the year's skylight helps to provide ventilation, skylight windows also gives the heat energy in winter seasons which is the really valuable source of natural resources, it also helps you to save energy, skylight windows makes your house décor beautiful and stylish. They are best and excellent choices if you are spending money on.

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The following information explains that how easy is to install or replace new skylight windows and repairs the simple leaks about the skylight windows.It is not necessary to call professional workers when you are installing skylight windows. It is easier than many people think. Here are some of the tips which may help you to works with the skylight windows replacing or repairing leaky skylight windows.

  1. If you are working on the roof you need to apply safety rules, install roof brackets and a staging plank, and wear a fall-protection safety harness.
  2. Then  Use a flat pry bar to remove two courses of roof shingles along the top of the skylight.
  3. Then Pry off shingles both sides down and up of the skylight, exposing at least 12 inches of roof deck, but don’t damage the
  4. Save the removed shingles for reuse later.
  5. Pry the old skylight out of the roof opening to replace it.
  6. Then check the extension jambs to the grooves running around the inside of the skylight frame.
  7. Next, screw off the filter strips alongside the extensions on all four sides of the frame.
  8. Before you attached the extensions Glue and nail wood trim on top of the extensions, cutting them to fit the size of the existing roof opening so the extensions get a perfect fit.
  9. Attached a strip of the self-sealing membrane around the roof shingles sides directly at the opening of the skylight. Then overlap the upper edge of the shingles with the selective barrier.
  10. Then apply the set of new skylight into place at the center of the opening.
  11. Drive 1½-inch roofing nails through the nailing flange on the skylight. Space the nails 6 to 8 inches apart.
  12. Then attached a strip of the self-sealing membrane at the bottom of the skylight and Overlap the previous membrane up onto the skylight frame.
  13. Slightly cut the ends of the membrane with a utility knife so that they lie flat on the roof deck.
  14. Then Cut a small piece of membrane to fit along each side of the skylight. Press and stick the flashing to the roof deck, overlapping the previously installed membrane, and up each side of the skylight frame.
  15. Slide the preformed of an aluminum flashing into place along the bottom of the skylight.
  16. Then Press the flashing tightly against the base of the skylight window, then secure it properly each of its ends by nailing through the flashing.
  17. Then reinstall the roof shingles in a proper way, before you start at the bottom of the skylight. Be careful not to nail through the aluminum flashing with a nail plier.
  18.  Attached a long strip of self-sealing membrane up and down both sides of the skylight. Check it properly to overlap the upper edge of the lower strip of membrane.
  19. Then Set a piece of aluminum step flashing on top of the shingle, then nail the flashing to the side of the skylight window.
  20. Apply the next single, followed by another piece of step flashing. Continue in a manner to shingle and flash up both sides of the skylight.
  21. Then Seal the top of the skylight with a long strip of self-sealing membrane. If there's a void or exposed seam in the roofing felt, apply the second strip of the membrane so the water won,t come in.
  22. Install the Snap counter flashing to the bottom and sides of the skylight.
  23. Install counter flashing at the top of the skylight, then nail it to the roof.
  24. Then Bend it over and engage the locking tab on each side of the head flashing to secure the skylight.
  25. Finally Cover the counter flashing properly at the top of the skylight with the help of the strip of self-sealing membrane, then nail with nail plier on the remaining roof shingles.
  26. Caulk around the inside of the skylight trim so that it won't leak.