How do you Remove Lead Paint?

HitBerryPublished on   15 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Most of the time people don't focus on home integral parts such as checking up home yearly to-do list. Most important part is lead painting they forget to recognize the lead paint whether the paint is ok or not. Mostly Peeling, chipping, chalking or cracking lead-based paint is a hazard and needs immediate attentions.

Lead-based paint may also be dangerous when it found on surface children can chew or that can bring you a lot of wear and tear .so here are some of the easy steps which you can handle it by your self.

  1. First, use a paint scraper to remove all the paint from the outside corners of the baseboard.
  2. By the help of HEPA vacuum collect all the lead-paint dust.
  3. Then apply new drywall on the walls that contain lead.
  4. Remove all the doors, window and mantelpieces, then bring the commercial refinisher which have dip tank for chemically stripping to remove the old paint.
  5. Remove all moldings by Using a hammer and pry bar because it will be replaced by new wood.
  6. Then use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to collect lead-paint dust after removing the moldings.
  7. Then Insulate all the wet pocket or voids around the windows and exterior doors prior before replacing the interior trim.
  8. Wash all surfaces in the entire room with a TSP solution after removing all the lead paint.

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