How do you Choose Hurricane Window Protection?

HitBerryPublished on   24 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Mostly in the hurricane prone area natural disaster may cause by the hurricanes and most of the damage appear to your houses like breaking up the glasses or tearing parts of your houses.This types of a situation may catch you to the troubles.

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Hurricane may occur at any times or mostly in sea coast areas.If your home is located near by coast areas then Hurricane seasons can be really devastating time for you and your loving ones. a hurricane can catch and throw the weak link things around of your house.The best way to ensure that is preparing your home the best defense system. We are here for you to help you out with how to choose hurricane window protection. We have done some of the research about the hurricane window protection.

Here are the some of the tips which may help you out what kind of windows protection will be suitable for your home.

  1. A layer of ?-inch-thick plywood can protect windows from a 2x4 traveling at 34 miles per hour. An identical layer of oriented-strand board (OSB) can't.
  2. Covering windows with resin-treated ballistic nylon will prevent the 2x4 from shooting into the house, but it won't keep the window from breaking.
  3. Metal storm shutters are permanently mounted to the house. If struck on its lock place, then the shutters can bend inward and crack the window.
  4. A window with impact-resistant glass will shatter when struck it’s an insulated window, but the window won't break apart or gets any holes it is safe enough to apply to your home.