How do journalist Ilia Calderon and husband, Eugene Jang, handle inter-racial issues in their married life??

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   17 Sep, 2015

Everyone knows Ilia Calderon, the gorgeous black journalist who works as a late night news anchor for being Univision's national late evening newscast. But in these past few years, many have taken a keen interest on her personal life as, currently, Calderon is married to Eugene Jang, a physical therapist of Asian descent. The pair even have a child together.

Before the 2000's there were very few interracial couples. But, in this new era, the number of inter-racial couples is growing by leaps and bounds. To many people around the world who are in inter-racial relationships, the Calderon-Jang duo seem to be a great inspiration. Many have termed it as a very 'bold' move.

Eugene Jang, who is an American born of Korean origin, met Calderon after they were introduced to each other by Calderon's trainer. In 2010 they started dating. In an interview, Calderon claims that Jang was really shy at first and it was definitely difficult. But that did not stop them.

In the same interview, Ilia commented that Jang was really disciplined and that she really liked that about him. The only major difference between them was, according to her, the way they expressed their feelings. Contrary to popular belief, things were really easy for them as Eugene already had a brother in law who is an Egyptian.

The couple already have a smooth relationship, despite their cultural differences. However, they seem to be really concerned for their daughter. In a letter (which she has shared with everyone on her Twitter and other social media websites) she writes, "I worry about the world in which I live, but I worry even more about the world in which my daughter will live."

In this letter, Ilia brought up several touching stories on racism. "One day, in a park, a boy tells a girl: 'You're ugly, you're black'. Her response was more intelligent than we could have imagined, 'then your heart is the color of my skin'. What grief to know that at seven years old, she had to learn to answer like that."

She further added, "My daughter is not guilty of having slanted eyes, her dark skin and curly hair. She is the product of the love between two people who decided to bring her into the world against all odds. That should be enough. Why would her physical characteristics be important?"

Finally her ending message was, "And you, how do you prefer your child’s heart? Black, white or gray? Children are not born discriminating. Teach them not to discriminate." This was applauded by many of her fans.

As for now, Calderon has 362k followers in the Twitter. She  can also be followed on Instagram where  she has nearly 171k followers.