How can you Compare Patrick Stewart and Presidential Advisor Kellyanne Conway

Let us start with this quote from Don Lemon. He said "You go to Brooklyn, everybody's got a beard and plaid shirt. They may be able to tell each other apart, but they all look alike to me". But we kinda have the opposite here in this section.

So, going through recent news, Actor Patrick Stewart looked like presidential Advisor Kellyanne Conway in some of the pictures he posted on Twitter. Well, let us compare the pictures and let you people know the truth behind the act or whatever it is.

Actor Patrick Stewart and Presidential Adviser Kellyanne Conway, did they look alike?

What can we say; it's a coincidence or something else? Remember the time, when Patrick Stewart dressed up as a woman for the promotion of his show, Blunk Talk in Los Angeles in the year 2016?

Patrick Stewart wore a pink dress, glamorous jewels, black heels and carried a diamond clutch bag. He also used dramatic purple eye shadow, pink nails, and false eyelashes. He completely dressed in as a glamorous woman. He is unrecognizable in the new lady makeover. Have a look…

Kellyanne Conway and Patrick Stewart

Kellyanne Conway and Patrick Stewart

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At the moment, we all do talk about Donald Trump and his presidency. All the members linked to Donald Trump came on the spotlight and searched most. In the same way, after Kellyanne Conway got elected as the Counselor to the President, she managed to be on the top. She is also known for her undisciplined way of sitting in The White House.

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While people tried to know about Kellyanne Conway, even the great Google could not find the difference and showed the female dressed Patrick Stewart. Hold on, did you find the difference? Or you have known Patrick Stewart as Kellyanne Conway? Have a look…

Patrick Stewart shown as Kellyanne Conway

Patrick Stewart is shown as Kellyanne Conway

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After all these photos got viral, Partick Stewart himself admitted that he and Kellyanne Conway looked alike. Many of the fans want to see Patrick Stewart in the role of Kellyanne Conway on Saturday Night Live. See some tweets of their fans…

Fans tweet

Fans tweet

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Compare Patrick Stewart and Kellyanne Conway

First of all, let's compare the height of Patrick Stewart and Kellyanne Conway. Patrick Stewart stands 5 feet 83 inches tall whereas Kellyanne Conway is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

If you compare their profession, then Patrick Stewart is an English actor. He has appeared in numerous roles in movies, television, and stage. Kellyanne Conway is currently the Counselor to the President for Donald Trump. She worked as the president and CEO of The Polling Company Inc. /Woman Trend.

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Patrick Stewart and Kellyanne Conway

Patrick Stewart and Kellyanne Conway

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So, did you get confused who's the real Kellyanne Conway? Or it's Patrick Stewart? Confused…