Hot TV Presenter Colleen Wolfe: Meet her new boyfriend and dating rumours

September 18, 2017
First Published On: December 9, 2016
by HitBerry

The hot TV presenter Colleen Wolfe; she is an anchor and a presenter for NFL Networks. Various sources confirm that she is married to John Gonzalez. But there are rumors about her new boyfriend and stuff; also about her dating history. Find out all.

Who is Colleen Wolfe’s New Boyfriend?

Wolfe is married to John Gonzalez since May 2010.Gonzo tells the media that he proposed Colleen in ‘Cape May’. However, there isn’t any news about her new boyfriend; and it’s just some rumors people started. We can tell this with pictures that she shares on her Instagram and other social sites. We can all see the wedding ring on her left hand. So, we are pretty much sure about John and Colleen.

Colleen Wolfe (Ring on her left hand) Colleen Wolfe (Ring on her left hand)      Source: pbs.twimg

John Gonzalez and Colleen Wolfe John Gonzalez and Colleen Wolfe    Source: instagram

Who is John Gonzalez?

John Gonzalez is the columnist for the ‘Inquirer Sports’ and the co-host of 97.5 midday sports. Prior to landing at 400 N Broad, John moved to Dallas to pursue his career as a columnist for the ‘Village Voice Media Paper’. Later, he moved to Boston to become a senior writer for ‘Philly Mag’s Sister Mag’. At present, he lives with his wife Colleen Wolfe.

John Gonzalez John Gonzalez      Source: phillyvoice

Colleen Wolfe and John Gonzalez

As indicated by the networthage, Colleen and John met in the year 2006 and began dating. After 4 years of dating, they took their relationship to a new level and made it official. To this day, it looks like they are quite happy with each other, and also there aren’t any signs of divorce or any kinda relationship issues so far. The love birds don’t have any children yet, but we hope they start their family real soon.

Source: instagram

Colleen Wolfe’s Past Affairs

Well, speaking of the truth, Colleen hasn’t revealed anything about her past affairs and people who she dated before or people who she was in relationships with. But I am pretty sure she has dated a number of guys before. Cuz you know, she is ridiculously pretty and hot af. Don’t you guys agree with this?