Hot Sania Mirza Married to Shoaib Malik in 2010, Know about her relationship and married Life

December 18, 2016
First published on:December 18, 2016
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Sania Mirza is a sensation to the Indian Tennis World inspiring millions of women. She has been named among the 50 Heros of Asia by Time in October 2005. 

Winning the Grand Slam Doubles, she is the No.1 Ranked played (21 November, 2016) in doubles ranking. She achieved the top spot as a professional tennis player in 13 April, 2015 winning against Vesnina and Makarova in the in 2015 Maimi Opens. Speaking of her marital relation, she is married to Shoaib Malik since 2010.

Today, find out about Sania and Shoaibs' relationship, married life and more. Stay Put....

Sania Mirza`s Relationships

Sania Mirza was assumed to be dating Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor as she was making her way to the peak of her career in both doubles and singles in the world of Women`s Tennis. She was spotted during the shoot of “Kaminey” but when asked to the star (Shahid), he simply refused about anything serious between them. He told the media they were buddies and Sania was his favorite tennis player.

Shahid and Sania 

Shahid and Sania 

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Sania didn’t let the media to get too skeptic about her personal relationship. Sania went public about dating Shoaib Malik and planning of getting married. This was quite shocking to the Indian media; an Indian Athletic getting married to a Pakistani Cricketer.

Shoaib And Sania around media before their Wedding

Shoaib And Sania around media before their Wedding

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Shoiab Malik is an international figure in Cricket world, playing as an all-rounder for his national team (Pakistan). Captain of the national team from April, 2007, Shoaib Malik`s integrity and loyalty to his country was question marked when the news spread of Sania Mirza and his marriage. Same was the case with Sania, but the couple managed to silence the media with their courage and will to be together.

Sania-Shoaib's Pre-Marriage Scandal

Another girl from Hydrabad, Ayesha Siddiqui allegedly claimed to be Shoaib`s wife just after two days of the announcement of the  famous wedding. According to her, she knew Shoaib from part 10 years and there were married over telephone (NIkah) which according to the Islamic Scholar was agreed to be possible.

On the other hand, Shoaib told the world that he was tricked into marrying someone whom he never met. He was even investigated by the Indian Police but Sania always stood by her side.

Ayesha and Shoaib

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Sania Mirza's Married life

The grand wedding of two world renowned Sports personalities took place first in Taj Hotel in Hyderabad, Performing Marriage in Islamic Wedding customs followed by Walima ceremony of Pakistani customs in Lahore on 12 April, 2010.

Facing with cross-country trolls are still part of Sonia daily drama. Be it Sports or entertainment, people dont leave a change to pick on Sania on Social Media. But Sonia is a proud Indian and a committed wife who handles it all well...

Wedding Pictures of Sania And Shoaib

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Junior Malik on its way

After grasping the top spot on her career, Sania may be planning to have a baby. Shoaib, her husband tweeted on his twitter something about baby being on its way…

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