Hot movie actor Ed Speleers only has 7 tweets on Twitter!!!

HitBerryPublished on   08 Dec, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

Well, we all know that half of the girls out there have a huge crush on the hot movie actor Ed Speleers. But sorry ladies! This man is taken. He is dating his girlfriend Asia Macey (rumored to have married her), with whom he welcomed their first child this January.

We all know that this hot and dashing actor from his Eragon days as well as Jimmy Kent in the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning TV series ‘Downton Abbey’. He is famous and all. And as we mentioned above, he has a massive female fan following. But you would be shocked to hear that this talented actor, aged 27, has only 7 tweets on his Twitter handle so far. WTF!!!

Yes people! Despite owning an official account on Twitter, this actor hardly ever tweets or posts anything on his Twitter handle. If you go through it, then there are exactly SEVEN tweets there in total. So what do you think might be the reason behind his inactivity in the social networking site?

Well, a source close to the actor has the answer to all of our questions. He gave us the reason behind Ed’s inactivity in Twitter. According to the insider, the actor is a rather private person. He likes to keep his personal life at the bay and sometimes, he is even secretive about his professional life.

“After landing the titular role in Eragon, his career just tumbled down. Back then, he was quite young and full of energy. He had thought that Eragon would be his ticket to the mainstream cinema. But unfortunately, the unfavorable critical responses shattered his dreams,” the source told.

They further added: “So he had to settle in small and unimportant roles in television shows. This is why he settled down with his girlfriend before even turning 30. Now, he maintains a low profile on his personal life. He wouldn’t even have experimented with Twitter if Asia and a few of his friends hadn’t insisted.

“He opened an account upon their insistence, but he started getting bored with it. He tried tweeting a few things for first few month, but stopped abruptly. He thought sharing pictures and Tweets on social media sites was a way of inviting rude remarks from haters and making one’s life public. So he totally stopped using it. And I don’t think, he will be back again,” explained the informant.

The actor hardly has five thousand followers. The first time when he tweeted was on June 11 and the last time he posted anything was on September 20 this year. One is his last tweet so far. “Check out my mate robs video it's for a great cause and it's actually pretty funny....for him!”

So it actually looks like, Ed is done with all these social media stuff. But fear not! The Eragon is all ready to hit the big screen as James Harcourt to show off his acting skills in the most anticipated movie of the upcoming year, Alice Through the Looking Glass. And he has also been cast as Slean in an upcoming British epic fantasy drama television series by ITV named Beowulf.