Hot Model Natasha Wicks and Boyfriend Kyle Kingsbusy raising their baby all natural

September 2, 2015
First Published On: September 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Hot model/former UFC ring girl Natasha Wicks and her retired UFC mix martial artist fiancé Kyle Kingsbury are over the moon right now. The reason: their adorable baby boy.

The couple seems extremely happy with their infant son and the former UFC Octagon girl Wicks and her boyfriend are taking the social media sites by storm. The beautiful and sexy pro MMA ring girl recently uploaded a picture of herself on Twitter while breastfeeding her newly born child. If it was only the breast feeding, it would have been nothing. Breast feeding is quite important for a newborn but the thing is while her baby is sucking milk from her left breast, her partner Kingsbury seems to be happily indulging in her right breast. And the picture was followed by a caption: “Watching the fights with my boys...#FantasyMMA @Kountermove #UFCFightNight #NormalizeBreastfeeding”

Many people found the picture somehow offending. But some of them found the picture quite interesting. Several of her followers congratulated her and praised her for the natural way in which she was trying to raise her child, while some even made fun of her and passed on some nasty comments. But it doesn’t seem to have bothered her. Natasha seems to be happily involved in parenting her baby all natural.

The retired UFC fighter Kingsbury and his ladylove are the kind of parents who want to raise their child normally and naturally, unlike other Hollywood couples who feed their children artificial milk and leave them in hands of a nanny a few months after their birth. They want to set an example as ideal parent and see their baby growing up healthily.

The former King of the Cage mix martial artist shared a snap of him with his infant boy on Instagram. In the picture, the artist is seen holding his son while he lay naked on grass with his dog beside him. He seems to be admiring the cuteness of his adorable little boy as he and his fiancé try to raise him naturally.  The picture was captioned: “The pediatrician told me today that we should "supplement with vitamin D drops and avoid all direct sunlight for the first 6 months since skin cancer is such a high risk". Hmm maybe if we were Swedish and moved to Panama this sound advice might apply. I think I'll place my trust in the hands of Mother Nature. We didn't name him "Sól" because it sounded cool. It is a tribute to our father in the sky who provides us all his loving warmth and energy.”

The baby Sol indeed seems to be providing love, warmth and energy to his parents because, after his birth, the relationship between his mother and father seems have strengthened even more.

The couple has been dating each other from quite a long time. Despite the speculations of the couple being married, the beautiful and sensual Wicks brushed off the rumors and clarified in an interview with AXS that they were only engaged and Kingsbury was her fiancé, not her husband. Wicks also added that she and Kyle got engaged in January last year after a long affair.

Now the proud parents and happy couple live together with son, bringing him up naturally.