Hot Model Kenda Perez opens up about dating and ex-boyfriends

HitBerryPublished on   02 Sep, 2015Updated on   18 May, 2021

Mexican supermodel, Kenda Perez, has finally decided to open about her boyfriends. It might come out as a bit of a surprise to her fans, but she has dated very few men in her life. In an interview with the Bleacher report, the gorgeous model and show host has finally decided to talk about some of her ex-boyfriends.

Perez first announced that she is currently not dating anyone. She said, “I am single. Well, I get that asked a lot. So if you are truly a fan of UFC, you’ll know that I’m not in a relationship.” She further added that one of the reasons behind her not having lots of boyfriends was because of her early teen years in a small high school.

“I had a lot of fun growing up in high school. I got to go to a really small, private school and that was something that I would always do after school is hang out at the preschool,” Perez told Mitch Ciccarelli and Tuff N’ Uff ring girl Stephanie Ann Cook on a recent episode of Crouching Tiger Hidden Leprechaun Radio.

When she was asked about the types of men she has ever dated, she replied, “I have dated men, who were shorter than me, who were taller. I have dated men both younger and older than me. I have no general cookie cutter type.”

Perez, who is now best known for her role as the host of Best of Pride Fighting Championships, admitted that it was one of her ex-boyfriend who first took her to a live event of MMA. She said, “I’ve been a fan of the UFC long before I ever worked for them. Usually it was more of a guy thing [at first] and a guy dragged me to a fight, and I had already kind of been around that scene because of my dad, but not [been around] mixed martial arts.”

Perez who initially dreamt of being a preschool teacher moved towards modeling when one of her friends suggested her to enter the Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest. It was from there that the UFC spotted her and offered her the ‘role of a lifetime’.

She added, “The UFC were looking for some new talent, so when I got contacted by them, I was ecstatic. I mean I was already a big fan, so it’s really cool to work and be so close to a sport that I am so excited about.”

Currently, Perez seems to be really enjoying her job in the UFC. She has got 52.1k followers in the Twitter. On Instagram, she has 45.1k followers. We wish her luck for the days to come and hope to see her acting in movies in the upcoming years.