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Hot Model and Actress Lynda Carter Married Robert A. Altman after divorcing with Ron Samuels

December 27, 2016
First published on:December 27, 2016
by John

Linda Jean Cordova Carter is an American singer, actress, songwriter and a beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss World America 1972. Winning Miss World USA is the first step of Lynda to get the public attention. She has also been the star of the TV Series "Wonder Woman" from 1975 to 1979.

Actress Lynda Carter was first married to Ron Samuels in 1997 but got divorced in 1982. After 2 years of divorce with Ron Samuels, Lynda Carter was again married to Robert A. Altman. The marital relation is still going on at a very good pace.

Hot Model Actress Lynda Carter and Ron Samuels First Marriage Life

Actress Lynda Carter was first married to producer Ron Samuels on May 28, 1977. Lynda Carter has not ever openly talked about her personal life. However, Lynda Carter got married on May 28, 1997. The couple spent their 5 beautiful years together and later got divorced on February 1, 1982.

Talking about the present life, producer Ron Samuels is now married to former Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish whereas Lynda Carter is happily married to Robert A. Altman.

Lynda Carter with Ron Samuels

Lynda Carter with Ron Samuels

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Actress Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman Second Marriage Life

Lynda Carter has been married twice. Lynda Carter was married to Ron Samuels and then later married Robert A. Altman. She got married to Robert A. Altman in January 1984 who is law partner of Clark Clifford. After a year of her marriage with Robert, Lynda left the Hollywood industry just to give her full and proper attention to her husband. Lynda Carter joined her husband Robert in Washington DC for a few years.

Lynda and Robert have been spending almost 32 years together sharing their joys and sorrows. The couple has never ever been spotted fighting or shouting at each other. Lynda and Robert are supposed to be one of the most stable and lovable couples in the Hollywood industry. The love and affection that the couple has is something missing in another celebrity couple. However, the marital relation of Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman is expected to be long going.

Lynda Carter with Robert A. AltmanLynda Carter with Robert A. Altman

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Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman Children

Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman is blessed with two children. After 4 years of marriage, Lynda Carter first gave her birth to a baby boy, James in 1998. Again after 2 years of their first child, Lynda gave birth to a baby girl Jessica in 1990.

Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman with their children

Lynda Carter and Robert A. Altman with their children

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