Hot Comedian Niecy Nash gives out her secret weight loss tips

HitBerryPublished on   30 Dec, 2015Updated on   30 Dec, 2015

‘The Soul Man’ star Niecy Nash is somebody who all the ladies wanting to lose weight look up to. The actress lost more than 50 pounds within 3 months, recently. After losing her extra weight, Nash has become even hotter. Her weight to height ratio seems perfect now.

 This has made people wonder if the actress indeed knows a secret to weight loss that nobody else is aware of.  The actress recently revealed how she was able to get lose her pounds to our sources, but her revelations are far more ordinary than expected.

Nash revealed that the secret to her weight loss was self control “I didn’t have a traditional workout plan,” Niecy told our sources.  “I have three children, so I couldn’t work two full-time jobs, then come home and go to the gym for two hours. I ate sensibly and would hula-hoop when I watched TV with my kids. We’d go skating on Saturdays, ride our bikes in the neighborhood and have dance contests”, she added.

The actress also credited her nutritionist Stacy Gibson for her success. She claimed that the nutritionist’s diet plan kept her energetic during her dieting. “I had a tremendous support from my friends and my family when I was trying to lose weight. They always motivated me exercise regular and eat proper food. I am not sure if I could have done it if I had no support from my family”, the actress said to our sources.

Nash also claimed that anyone can lose weight if they are willing to work hard enough. “I myself used to think that losing weight is really hard. But now my perspective on it has changed. If you believe in yourself, have the right motivation and surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better, it is not that hard”, she said. She also added that she will be revealing more of her weight loss secret through her website

After losing her extra weight, Nash has become even hotter.

The actress has been married twice in her lifetime. Her first marriage was to an ordained Minister, Don Nash in 1994. She separated from her first husband in 2007. She has 3 children from her former marriage. She has been married to Jay Tucker since May of 2011. The couple is reportedly very happy with their wedding. It is suggested that the couple will have a child together very soon.

Nash has a very successful career as an actress. She has been featured in countless movies and TV series. Horton Hears a Who, Reno 911 and Scream Queens are some famous projects in which Nash has made her appearance.   

The performance she gave hosting ‘the Style Network’ Show, Clean House earned her worldwide recognition.  She has even won a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in HBO comedy series, Getting On.

Her net worth is estimated at $4 million dollars.