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Hot BBC Weathergirl Keeley Donovan, changing the face of broadcasting

July 21, 2015
First published on:July 21, 2015
by John

Keeley Donovan, the hot BBC news and weather girl is the one who makes you sure that you really turn on your television set every day. This English Weather girl, aged 32, is indeed lifting the temperature with her pleasing and charming presence on our TV sets. Donovan is well known weather presenter from Tetney, who is often seen broadcasting for the region.

Talking about her broadcasting career, Keeley recently wrote;

“I am very happy and satisfied with my shows but at the same time, Programs on BBC flags ship such as “The one show’’ and” Country file’’ are my future wish list.”

 Keeley was born on 14 May 1983 and grew up in Grimsby in East Lindsey. She studied at the Humber stone school. Her father played football professionally, briefly representing the“ Republic of Ireland’’ at an international level.  She also has younger sister named Kirsty.

Donovan was just 14, when she presented her first program on screen for Channel 7, a local cable T.V channel. Gradually, with her hard work and experience she set her career path towards her present stardom. Donovan started working for the BBC as a freelancer in 2005. In 2006, she started working for the ‘Propeller’ T.V show in Grimsby. She frequently presented weekend and breakfast bulletins in Leeds and Hull for Look North Programs.

Donovan is a reporter and a news presenter through and through. Keeley is so concerned about her work, she finds it exciting to chat with the local people and find out what is going on in the area. Donovan also loves music and she tries to listen to new bands each week. She has a cat, Alan, that she is incredibly fond of. Donovan was also a recipient of the Civic Recognition Award too.

The hot weather girl often graces our TV screen while looking stunning in tights and short outfits. She goes for dresses that display her skinny legs. Donovan tries all kinds of dresses depending upon her mood. Her glam body might have been enviously coveted after, by some fans have complained about her wonky eyes as they often get confused about whether she is pointing towards north bank or south bank in her show.

Keeley’s personal life has had it’s share of ups and downs. She was engaged and laer married to her husband Scott. But their marriage didn’t work for long. They separated in 2012 but they have not made any plans to divorce. If the pair were to get back together, fans would definitely be happy for their favorite weather girl.

Donovan is quiet active in social sites. She often posts different pictures on Instagram before appearing on her T.V show to forecast the weather. She has over 37.5k follower in twitter and the rating is growing day by day. Donovan does her fore cast for the radio, television and on Twitter too.

This gorgeous English weather girl seems completely focused on her career right now and we wish her all the best! 

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