Hot and talented businesswoman Mini Menon, Know about her net worth, career and salary

December 4, 2016
First published on:December 4, 2016
by HitBerry

Mini Menon is a real talented business woman in India. At present, she is the co-founder and editor at ‘Indy Network’; prior to this, she previously worked for ‘Bloomberg TV India’ as an Executive Editor. So, to this day, she has accomplished a lot in her life; and with that noted, her net worth and salary has passed beyond everything. Find out about her net worth, alongside her career too.

Mini Menon Net Worth and Salary

As believed by the top websites, her net worth hits 7 figures. Cuz you know, she is a businesswoman and is a co-founder of the company at the first place. So, it’s a pretty obvious thing that she is hell of rich woman and her salary is way off the reach for us. Don’t you agree? Furthermore, she has also written a book named “Riding the Wave”, and the book generates her so much of the money that we can only imagine of right now. 

Mini Menon

Mini Menon

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Mini Menon Career

So before I move on to her career, I want you guys to know that Mini Menon was titled ‘Femina Miss India’ back in the year 1996. But rather than making her career proceed towards fashion and movies, she chose to set her foot in the line of ‘Journalism’. 

Femina Miss India Magazine 1996

Femina Miss India Magazine 1996

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Mini’s first job was not much of a big deal and she started with zero like all the other successful people out there. So, when Mini’s first news channel broadcasted her, her talent got everyone surprised and she indulged her name in the history book of one of the legendary Indian News anchors in India. To be precise, she first worked for ‘TVi’ and moved to ‘Star TV Network’. Later in 2004, Mini was the anchor for CNBC TV 18.

Over the past 16 years, she has covered both Business and Political news. Far along at ‘Bloomberg TV India, Mini did a popular series called “Inside India’s Best Known Companies’, where she interviewed with top leading businessmen and CEO from all across India. Furthermore, she also featured in the shows like ‘Assignment’, ‘The Pitch’ and the award winning documentary ‘In Focus’. 

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Mini Menon Book

So, like I said earlier, she is also an author who came up with the book named ‘Riding the Wave’. The book talks about the seven great leading businessmen of India who brought some kinda changes towards business and stuff. The book is one of Mini’s greatest sources of income.

Hence, if you are in search of a book about businessmen and their ‘behind the scenes’ stories, ‘Riding the Wave would be your best option to start with. It might cost you around $36 for a hardcover. So, grab your copies, peeps. 

'Riding the Wave' front cover.

'Riding the Wave' front cover.

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Mini Menon Awards

During the year 2008 and 2009, Mini was judged ‘The Best News Anchor’ by the ‘Indian Broadcast Federation’, ‘Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence’ as a young achiever and ‘Zee Astiva Award’ for Journalism. 

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