Hot and Sexy Actress Louisa Lytton compares auditions to dating

HitBerryPublished on   15 Sep, 2015Updated on   23 May, 2021

Louisa Lytton was once crowned the sexiest female at the British soap awards. She is known for her clear cut features and good looks. However, Louisa is not a person frequently associated with dating rumors. She is rather known to be single and has repeatedly said she enjoys her single life. She has indicated that her reason for enjoying her single life is because of how independent one is when single and having the freedom to do as one likes.

Louisa, who is currently in the USA to further her career opportunities, has said “out here, dating is like auditions” as everyone is into speed- dating. After attracting a lot of admirers due to her good looks and her British accent, she says she has had no trouble in finding suitors, although she has no interest whatsoever in indulging in a relationship.

She has said that most guys in the US are very sly and you cannot tell if they are interested in you or if they are just looking to broaden their networking circle and boost their career. Louisa says she did not like how indifferent the men are, as they are known to treat casting and audition sessions as a speed dating ritual.

Louisa has, till date, only been linked to Aston Meerrygold, the British pop artist. They dated for about two years before calling it quits. Apart from Aston, she has never been known to have a boyfriend and there has been no substantial affair of hers that has surfaced. Although very open about her career, she has managed to keep her personal life out of media’s attention so far.

Louisa has said she has been to a number of dates in the US. But, she wasn’t interested in any of them and found most guys to be very shallow and fame chasers. She has further stated that all most of them worry about is being popular and nothing else. It is this obsession with them that is, at times, distasteful and nauseating.

Louisa was a teenage star in England, having been on screen since the age of fifteen. She was cast as Ruby Allen in the cult Hit British TV show about gangsters from the east of Britain. The show was titled EastEnders and this was a platform for Louisa to explore and participate in numerous other projects that went on to boost her career.

With the success of EastEnders she received a number of opportunities and was cast in another hit TV show called The Bill in which she played the character of PC Beth Green for three years. She won a few awards for her impeccable performance in the series.

Louisa hasn’t done any movies till date and has mentioned she wants to solely focus on her TV career as TV is what she loves to do.

Lytton is an active user of social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. In Twitter alone, she has over 56K followers and is frequently posting feeds. She can be followed under the username @louisalytton . On Instagram she has over 19K followers. She posts pictures regularly, giving her fans an insider’s view to her lifestyle. She can be followed on Instagram as louisanastrilytton. Her net worth remains undisclosed.