Hot Actress Mary Birdsong, age 47, has something to say about why she is still single and unmarried

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Fifties is just around the corner for hot American actress Mary Birdsong. But despite her growing age, the actress still remains single. This has led to various speculations about the reason why the actress has remained single till now. The actress took her Twitter to make it clear that she is not single because she lacks the qualities men search on their girlfriends.

Birdsong recently tweeted, “#MyMemoirWouldBeCalled My Dating Profile Could Kick Your Dissertation's Ass (and other reasons I'm still single)”. She claimed that if she was to make a profile in any dating site, it would simply be one of the best.

Many of Birdsong’s critics have claimed that the actress is getting older and this is the reason why she is having trouble finding someone willing to date her. But Birdsong’s claim that she is single by choice is more believable. She is extremely attractive. She is also considered one of the most intellectual actresses in Hollywood. Her adorable face and hot body could win over the heart of any man on the earth.

The actress also has a lot of wealth at her disposal. Also, she has a fan base which includes people from all around the world.  Given the actress wealth, popularity and physical appeal, it would be unreasonable to think that the actress is single against her own choice.

Various news outlets have even suggested that the reason that she is single is not because she has not found a man she finds suitable for him, but because she is in fact a lesbian. It is claimed that she is keeping her sexuality a secret because she fears societal and family rejection.

Sources close to the actress have however denied the claim that the actress is lesbian. They suggest that the actress will get married sometime in her early fifties, only after enjoying her single life completely.

Songbird has been active in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now. She used to play recurring roles in small TV series before becoming successful. She got mainstream recognition from her role as Deputy Cherisha Kimball in Comedy Central series Reno 911.

She is a former correspondent for The Daily Show and Crossballs. She has also made appearance in popular video game, GTA: Vice City. Birdsong performs regularly in Live Theatres and onBroadway.

The actress is very active on social media platforms. She operates two Twitter accounts @marybirdsong and @birdsongdream. She uses the former to keep her fans updated about the latest happening in her life and she uses the latter give her fans an opportunity to see her paintings.

Mary Birdsong’s net worth is not yet revealed. But, it is speculated to be in excess of $3 million dollars.