Hot Actress Lexi Atkins talks about her newest project and upcoming movies

September 6, 2015
First Published On: September 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Year 2015 is surely the luckiest year for the 22 year old beauty queen Lexi Atkins. With three box office hits like Zombeavers, Ted 2 and The Boy Next Door on her portfolio, the young and beautiful actress has officially ventured into the Hollywood film industry. The gifted actress and a first runner up in Miss Teen USA, 2010, this newbie actress has quite a potential to move ahead in the show biz with much success. Lexi Atkins, who is on her way to the limelight spoke to Headlines and Global News (HNGN) earlier this year, about her experience working on sets of her two then unreleased movies Zombeavers and The Boy Next Door and her upcoming TV project “The Messengers”.

Unlike other aspiring artists in the show biz, the actress said that she found Hollywood “really weird”. She spilled the beans on her funny, weird and scary experiences that she had while filming the movie “Zombeavers”.  The movie, which was released in March, features the sexy actress as one of the three leading girl-friends who become victims of homicidal zombie beavers while vacationing at a lake house. In the movie, Atkins is attacked by a deadly zombie beaver aka Zombeaver which turns her into a human rodent. The hot lady revealed that this particular experience of her made her see Hollywood as a weird place. But that does not mean she’ll quit entertaining us.

"I remember specifically going home each night after filming and being like, "What did I just do? Did I just like growl at the camera being a beaver?" she said.

As a part of the role, she had to wear prosthetics in her mouth and on her face that gave her the scary and hairy look of a Zombeaver. And she was also made to do some research on beavers to understand their characters better.

"It was kind of a joke, but they're actually really scary," Atkins added. "You would not want to mess with one, but we definitely take it to a whole new level."

This sexy and sensual beauty is often judged by her sex appeal and attractive physique. But the truth is, Atkins is a really talented actress who was trained at “The Second City” in Chicago. There, she got to stretch her legs and improve her writing skills, stand-up, musical and long form improv and on-screen work, which makes her a girl who can tickle your bones with her comic timing.

The Boy Next Door star started acting at a tender age of four where she used to host her own talk show in front of the video camera set up by her mother and interview the members of her family. Besides acting, she can dance as well.

The well-trained actress shared how she got really very nervous while filming the Boy Next Door movie alongside singer-actress, Jennifer Lopez.

"Coming from the Midwest, you have wide eyes. So I used to get really nervous and think, 'This isn't like me. I love performing. I love acting. I'm fine in class. Why am I so nervous?" Atkins says. "Then I'd read the break down and see, 'Oh my God, Jennifer Lopez.'"

As she played the role of a girl who is dating Lopez’s son, the two were required to film several scenes together, which made her really jumpy. Atkins revealed how she used to move her hips on Lopez’s songs when she was a child.

We all know that Lexi Atkins has nailed it with all her two box-office hit movies and the actress is all set to rock on TV as well. She is ready with her new TV show. She will be appearing in a recurring role in The CW's new apocalyptic series, "The Messengers”.

The series trails the story of five people who accidently get killed by a mysterious object that crashes to Earth. Despite being dead they re-awaken, not as normal beings but rather with superpowers which the Messengers could use to stop a fast approaching apocalypse.

Atkins plays the character of Alice, who is a love interest of one of the Messengers. We all have to watch the show to find out who her on-screen boyfriend is.

Besides her TV role, the actress also appeared in the horror film, "Some Kind of Hate," where she plays the role of a teacher. The story revolves around a girl who is bullied and dies in the school. She then comes back as a ghost to haunt everybody. But in spite of bagging so many different roles in several Hollywood projects, the actress said that she was still trying to figure out Hollywood and how things work in there. She is very young and she hardly has more than 3000 followers on her Twitter, so there’s a long way to go for her before she reaches the ultimate height of success.