Hot actress Jessica Sula spotted vacationing with a mystery boyfriend and flaunting a bikini

HitBerryPublished on   10 Dec, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

Hot actress Jessica Sula was recently spotted vacationing with a mystery boyfriend and flaunting an amazing bikini body. Rumor has it that this 21 year old actress has finally found a boyfriend, whom she was seen vacationing with on a beach.

A source close to the Skins star revealed that the actress was seen holding hands and strolling by the Californian beach with her alleged boyfriend just a few weeks ago in order to escape the chilling cold of the winter. They claimed that Sula was there with her mystery boyfriend, with whom she seemed quite cozy and comfortable. The actress was “over the moon”, according to the insider who claims to have seen the couple there.

The informant said: “Jessica is a beautiful girl and there are countless young men who have crush on her. But due to her young age and booming career in Hollywood, this starlet did not want to engage herself in a relationship. But now it seems like she has changed her mind for good because the guy whom I saw her with was extremely handsome.”

“They looked quite good as a couple. And I know that they are dating as they were holding hands, laughing and even kissing each other. Jessica was seen flaunting her sexy body in a blue bikini and her mystery boy was dressed down for the beach,” the insider said.

They further added: “Jessica and her boyfriend were trying to escape the harsh winter that has already hit the country. The Southern Californian beaches offer warmth and sun throughout the year. And right now, Jessica is free from all her television works and movies, so she might have decided to escape the cold weather and spend some quality time with her new found love.”

When asked if the guy, whom the source claimed to be Sula’s boyfriend, looked familiar, they said: “No, he did not. He is not somebody who I would know. He is totally unrecognizable. But he was quite cute though. He was quite handsome and had a rather goofy look to his face. “

So what about the rumor that Jessica Sula and her co-star from Skins, actor Alexander Arnold? Was it just a hoax, we asked. The gossip monger cleared everything by saying that the rumors were simply rumors and nothing more. They stated: “Yeah, I too have heard about the rumor and I used to believe it too. But after seeing Jessica with this new lover boy, I can only say one thing. Alex and Jessica are not dating.”

We only hope that the claims made by the source are indeed true.

This hot actress is is widely famous for her role as Grace Blood in the third generation of the British television series Skins. Sula’s parents have a background of diverse ethnicity. She is a daughter to a Trinidadian mother who is half Afro-Hispanic and half Chinese. Meanwhile, her father is half German and half Estonian.

Her net worth remains undisclosed and she is not active on Twitter and Instagram.