Hot actress Jenny Slate and husband Dean Fleischer-Camp having their first baby

December 23, 2015
First Published On: December 23, 2015

The “Obvious Child” star Jenny Slate, whose career has recently sky rocketed making her the most sought after actress in town, has more to be happy about than her professional success. Recently, Jenny and her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp announced to their close friends and family that they were going to be parents in early 2016.

Sources have also said that Jean and Dean have been trying for a baby for quite some time. Finally being able to become parents has made them extremely happy. Jean has said that being able to have a baby has made her even happier than her recent success in the industry.

Jean also said that they had been trying very hard n both her personal and professional life and all this success would not have been possible without her husband’s help. She also said that team work between the two made their personal and professional success possible. However Dean has given all credit to his beautiful wife Jean and said her dedication and belief helped the couple through all their tough times.

Jean and Dean have already finalized all emergency requirements regarding the pregnancy and have even hired a mid-wife. Jean has also said she plans to deliver the baby naturally at home and has already made preparations with a hospital for the process to go smoothly.

Jean is very excited to be a mother and has already called her mother to help her and teach her what’s needed to take care of a new born child and see her through the baby’s early years.

On a professional level, Jean is one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood at the moment. All this has been possible mainly due to her spectacular performance in the award winning movie ”Obvious Child”. In 2015 she came out with two movies “Digging for Fire” and “Zootopia“, both receiving favorable reviews from critics.

She is currently filming three movies simultaneously “The Secret Life of Pets”, “Brain on Fire” and “Gifted”, all of which are highly anticipated by movie goers. These movies are set to release from early to mid 2016.

When it comes to TV series, she has had favorable success. She is currently a series regular in the show “Married”. She has also been making a number of cameo appearances in a number of TV shows in the past few months, some of which include “House of Lies”,” Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

Jenny is a much followed celebrity on the social media. She is known to have over 1.2 million followers in total. She is mostly followed on Instagram where she is known to regularly post fresh feeds of her day to day life. She can be followed as @jennyslate.

Jenny’s net worth is estimated to $12 million dollars.