Hot Actress Erin Moriarty, age 21, has very specific qualities she looks for in a boyfriend

December 5, 2015
First Published On: December 5, 2015
by HitBerry

“After the Dark” star Erin Moriarty has revealed what she looks for in her ‘Mr. Right’ in a recent interview.  The actress has been single for a long time now. In her interview, she stated that not finding the right guy to date is the reason why she is till single. In the same interview, she revealed what kind of man she finds ideal.

“I was born and raised in New York. I think my boyfriend should have all qualities that a typical New Yorker has, he should be hard working and honest. But he should not necessarily come from New York.” The actress reportedly stated.

“I don’t want the most handsome man; I don’t want someone rich either. I just want somebody who cares. I value intelligence, knowledge and hard work the highest. Those are the qualities that my future boyfriend must have” was the actress’ answer to the question ‘what does she looks for in her future boyfriend’.

“It doesn’t matter if he is a celebrity or a normal person” the actress replied when asked if she’ll only date somebody famous. When asked if she’ll ever date somebody of the same sex she replied, “I am a supporter of gay rights, but I am not attracted to women myself.”

It seems as if the qualities that Moriarty wants in her future boyfriend are not that rare. Anybody with an intelligent mind, good personality and a caring attitude qualifies as her ‘Mr. Right’. This certainly is something to smile about for the single men at over 20 years because she has also stated she would not be dating anyone younger than her right now.

The actress is only 21 years old. But don’t let her young age fool you. she is very talented and just as beautiful. Her long blonde hair and bright eyes go really well together. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches.  With the curves to go with her height, she is very sexy. Many of her fans regard her as one of the prettiest blondes in Hollywood.

Erin Moriarty is especially popular among the youths. Her social media accounts are very popular. Her Instagram account has over 10k followers. The actress however doesn’t seem too keen to join Facebook. She doesn’t have an official Facebook page. It seems her fans have to wait a little more to view her hot photos through her Facebook page.

Moriarty has only spent 5 years in Hollywood. But she has already appeared in 9 movies. Her movie Captain Fantastic is due to be released in early 2016. Her parents have stated that the actress believes she is just at the beginning of her career as an actor. Moriarty reportedly believes she has had just some modest success till now.