Hot actress Billie Catherine Lourd opens up on what she looks for in a boyfriend

December 23, 2015
First Published On: December 23, 2015
by HitBerry

Billie Catherine Lourd, daughter of Catherine Fischer (more popularly known as Princess Leia) is a lot like her mother. She has just been included into the Star Wars franchise, an obligation she calls a “family thing”.

Billie also recently opened up about relationships and the qualities she searches for in a potential boyfriend. According to her, the most important things she looks for in a potential partner is honesty and intelligence.

She has also said that the person needs to have a deep interest in human psychology and literature. Billie mentioned how a personality is what attracts her in a man. The ability to accurately present oneself and the confidence one has in one’s personal beliefs would definitely make her more attracted to a person.

She has also said that he needs to be engaging and respectful of her personal space at the same time in order to have a proper functioning relationship. She has also said that she would prefer a boyfriend who is not part of the entertainment industry.

She wishes to meet a guy who is interested in psychology as she had taken up the subject in college and is deep interested in the field. However, she has said that dating a person from the movie industry would not be a problem.

Billie, so far, has never been linked to any person on a substantial level. Although, in the past, she was known to be casually dating some of her mates from college, nothing concrete ever became of it.

Billie, who has just spent a year in the industry, has had a remarkable start to her career. She has already been featured in one of the best movies of the year “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, which has been considered to be the best movie in the saga so far.

She is also currently filming for her upcoming movie “Billionaire Boys Club”, which is set for release in the fall of 2016. Her directors have praised her for her acting abilities and have said she has got a natural flair for exceptional acting.

Apart from the movies, she has also been able to make a mark on different TV series. She was among the main cast in one of the most popular shows among the younger generations around the world, “Scream Queens”. She has also already been cast for the second season, for which filming is set to begin in February 2016. 

Billie comes from a family of entertainers. She is in the third generation of actors coming from her family. Her mother Carrie Fischer is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood today. Her grandparents are both part of the industry and her father is one of the biggest talent managers in Hollywood. She has said that her parents have helped her more than they should for her to become a professional actor.

Billie is also a popular figure on Instagram and can be followed as @praisethelourd . She has over 160 K followers.