Hot Actress April Pearson has never had a boyfriend!! What is to come of her dating life???

HitBerryPublished on   27 Aug, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Who would not want to have April Pearson as a girlfriend? Well, certainly not a lot of men! For those who are finding it hard to decipher exactly who Pearson is, she plays the role of Michelle Richardson in the E4 series Skins. Anyways, shockingly as it sounds, even when scanning and searching through her life, we could not find a strong relationship life of the hot actress. No clue as to who her boyfriend maybe. Let alone the news of dating. Shocking it is!!

There were rumors that the actress was dating her on-screen co-star Alex Pettyfer but all it was an apparently untrue gossip. Maybe on-screen romance was just enough for both the two. Any possible affair was swiftly denied.

Besides this unfounded rumor, there has never been any man in her life in a romantic capacity, as far as we know. However, at the age of 26, there is still hope for her. Some people just blossom late in life!!

Born on the January of 1989, Pearson gained fame at the age of just 19 starring in the show Skins. Her grandparents, as well as her parents, were actually not happy with the show. If you want to know why, you better catch a glimpse of the series. Nonetheless, her appearance as Michelle definitely took her career on a high.

She had actually made her television debut starring in the show Casualty. But, her big break in acting came only after starring as Michelle Richardson in the British drama Skins. She was cast after impressing the series’ casting directors during the auditions at her school. Given that she used to play dramas in the school, her drama teacher further suggested she would be a very good go. She hence appeared in the series. However, it only lasted for two seasons. Although the show was a huge success, her character had to be written off, like the rest of the "original" cast members. This was so that new generation of characters could be brought to the show.

She did appear in the show again however. This was in 2008 as she returned in the show portraying the role of a teenager called Karen. This was followed by her movies debut in Tormented (2009) alongside Skins co-star Larissa Wilson. Pearson had played a sadistic school girl in the movie and her role was able to get positive reviews. Actually, it was so great that the film went to gain such praise that Total Film dubbed it as "A slasher for the Skins generation".

Pearson returned to theatre by starring in the Bristol Old Vic production "Suspension". In the autumn of the same year, 2009, she played a kidnapped teenager called Callie in New End Theatre's "Negative Space". Both of these plays managed to get good reviews.

She was most recently spotted starring in the music video for The Wombats' single, "Greek Tragedy". Still popular on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram, this girl, who has a height of 5’7” and a staggering net worth, remains much loved amongst her fans .