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Homeland star Morgan Saylor, age 21, has a new boyfriend!!

December 1, 2015
First published on:December 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Morgan Saylor is a beautiful girl, well loved by her fans. It is no wonder that many people have a crush on her. The Homeland star, young and humble and only of age 21, boasts great acting skills apart from her charming beauty. However, recently there were rumors that she had found someone, a boyfriend. The news broke many hearts and left her fans wondering who the boy could be. The rumors turned out to be true. The boy’s name was Robert. But we know nothing more about him. Some pictures floated around Instagram and Twitter, yet nothing was official. Robert could very well have been a friend, yet the mystery as to who Saylor’s romantic partner is remained...

The Homeland actress, clearly loved by all her fans, has yet to declare that she is currently in a relationship. So it is hard for us to confirm that Robert his indeed her boyfriend. They seem very close alright. And although Saylor may not admit it, we can say with certainty that the two are indeed dating. They are likely not to get married. I mean, she’s very young still

Morgan was recently asked about her romantic life in an interview and she was stern saying that she indeed was focused on her career. Man, just 21 and already has a career! Boy, is she only lucky girl! Anyways, she now plans on attending college. Apparently, she wants to study Mathematics. I wanted to say ‘Beauty with brains’ but that may raise a issue that any subject that does not relate to maths might be termed as easy, which is not the case. Anyways, her college mates must be thrilled to be going to classes alongside the super successful, future star Saylor. Many other celebrities, such as Emily Osment and Sprouse brothers, have continued studying after their successful acting careers. Glad to hear Saylor is following the same footsteps!

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, her father works at Starbucks. But working at Starbucks does not mean one necessarily has to sell coffee. He renovates everything related to the workplace. Anyways, let us cut this rant short since this gossip is solely about Saylor. We all love you Saylor!!

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