Homeland's Tracy Letts talks about how he got married in a hospital room and more.

March 27, 2016
First published on:March 27, 2016
by HitBerry

There are fewer men in Hollywood who are more interesting than Homeland actor, Tracy Letts. His controversial and dramatic life style has always garnered attention from media, and there has not been a time when he has stayed out of spotlight for long.

This interesting man has several stories to tell, which may sound like they are straight out of fiction to ears unfamiliar with him. One of those stories is that, Letts actually got married to his present wife in a hospital room. In a recent interview, the American actor has spoken about this crazy moment in his life and several others.

Letts got married to his wife Carrie Coon in the August of 2013.The actor has revealed that he had planned  to organize an extravagant  party to celebrate the Communion between him and his wife, but due to the sudden turn of things, the fore-planned extravagant celebration was reduced to a small party in the Lobby of Tracy’s hospital room.

Tracy has revealed, he had a gallbladder surgery just a few months before their planned marriage ceremony. Tracy revealed he was really nervous about the surgery, even though it was a regular procedure. His wife to be, Carrie Coon suggested that the two should tie their knots before getting married, to let Tracy know there would be somebody waiting for his on the other side of the surgery. Tracy liked the idea, and the two got married there and then. It was a spontaneous decision and a good one for that matter, from the look of things now.

The American playwright also proceeded to talk about his changing writing style in the interview. He claimed that he has matured as a writer with the years. He also stated that he has no sudden intention of getting back on writing any time soon and wants to focus on acting for the time being.  

Tracy was only 5 years old, when he wrote his first play. He was different from the children his age at the time.  His first screenplay was for the movie ‘Killer Joe’. He even received a nomination for this work. Since then he has wrote script and performed in several movies like ‘Man from Nebraska’, ‘Three Sisters’, ‘Who’s afraid of Virgina Wolf’ and many others.

The American actor-screenwriter, who has won both Pulitzer Prize and Tony awards, is among the select few who can write and act as well. He has also won Screen Guild awards for the performance he gave in the TV series Homeland. The outstanding performance in the play ‘August : Osage County’ landed him Drama Desk Award.

Tracy often receives very lucrative contract offerings for his movies which go on to contribute towards his net worth. Both his acting and writing profession contribute significantly towards his income. It is estimated, his net worth is somewhere around $1 million.

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