Holly Sonders draws criticism for asking Men's U.S. Open champion about his 'Outfit'

HitBerryPublished on   10 Jul, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Everything’s not going well with Holly Sonders recently. For all the fanfare and excitement she generated for her debut in FOX, the debut certainly didn’t go well. Right after serving as the on-course interviewer at the 2015 U.S. Open for her first time, Sonders will move to the studio to host FOX Sports 1’s post-round show at the Women’s U.S. Open on Saturday and Sunday. A harsh punishment having to be replaced only after her first show? Well, FOX Sports doesn’t see it that way.

“We’re not reassigning Holly because she did a bad job,” FOX’s coordinating producer Mark Loomis told PennLive.com. “I think Holly’s been great for us. It’s just that she can’t do both the postgame show and the interviews.” Sonders, who left the Golf Channel for FOX Sports in 2014, has received plenty of criticism for her U.S. Open interview of Jordan Spieth. After Spieth had earned a shocking victor, Sonders asked the 21-year-old Texan if he had packed an extra outfit in case of a playoff. Certainly didn’t go as planned Holly!

The beauty was however quick to express her mistake. Well, she must be pretty embarrassed. The golf star took to her twitter handle @holly_sonders,

“And for those of u hating on my interview w/ Jordan..It's appropriate to end with a smile. He's the US Open champ! Lighten up folks :)”

Nonetheless, she semed happy to have taken the interview as she was found posting photoes of the interview on Instagram and also expressed her delight in Twitter.

Formerly known as Holly Niederkohr (Sonders is her stage name), she was a four-year all-district golfer and four-year starting point guard at Marysville High School in Ohio before taking her talents to Michigan State. Among many achievements with the Spartans, she was an Academic All-Big 10 selection as a sophomore. After undergoing major knee surgery, however, the journalism major, who has now reached the age of 28, turned her attention away from golf and towards broadcasting.

Her personal life is not going too well either as it looks like her married life with Erik Kuselias is going downhill. The television and radio host, who is currently co-hosting Pro Football Talk on the NBC Sports Network with Mike Florio and hosting on NBC Sports Radio, does not have a great history in relationships as he has been involved in a lot of scandalous affairs in the past. It looks like Sonders isn’t liking that one bit.

When he worked for ESPN several years back, he was reportedly suspended for sexual harassment. After a stint at the Golf Channel, where he met Sonders, he became co-host of NBC Sports Network’s “Pro Football Talk” with Mike Florio. However, after attempting to force Fox Sports to take him with Sonders as a package deal and then trying to re-up with NBC, he was reportedly taken off the show.

He does, however, still host a radio show for NBC Sports.

Only recently, Erik Kuselias was found by his wife Holly Sonders cheating on her. Holly, being very suspicious towards her husband's attitude and behavior, had hired a private investigator and found out he was having affair with ESPN's Stephania Bell. She has expressed her disappointment regarding the affair and rumors have been circulating that they would be divorcing. However, any news regarding their separation has not been on the cards and is yet to be leaked.

Kuselias, who is in his 40’s, is also the former host of Morning Drive on Golf Channel, NASCAR Now on ESPN2, The SportsBash on ESPN Radio, and "NFL on ESPN Radio" on. Raised in Hamden, Connecticut, he was an all-state baseball player in the same class as Major League Baseball All Stars Jeff Bagwell, Brad Ausmus, and Mo Vaughn. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and attended the University of Michigan Law School and Columbia University, where in 1998 he was admitted into a Ph.D. program. Kuselias is also a member of Mensa International, a society for people with high IQs. With such a great resume, it's sad that he blew that away with his off-screen affairs.

Sonders, who was voted the most beautiful women in girl in 2013, 2014 and 2015, is definitely not in a happy phase lately. However, wishes for her stint as a post-show host. Hope she does a great job in that role!