HLN's Correspondent Yasmin Vossoughian is avid Dog and Yoga Lover.

May 8, 2017
First Published On: August 29, 2016
by HitBerry

They say a dog is a man’s best friend and there are only a few who are not fond of the loyal animal who is a bundle of joy and cuteness too. Yasmin Vossoughian who is in the news all the time either after calling out rhinos as giraffes or for her peculiar nose is an avid dog lover too. She literally regards her dog as her best friend.




Well, precisely it is not just about her dogs. Yasmin is seen extending a helping hand for every dog and often indulges in save dog campaigns and sharing tweets which are for the homeless and helpless dog.





In fact, Yasmin even shared once that a perfect day for her would be the one where she enjoys it peacefully with her loved ones around and that undoubtedly included her dogs too.

However, Yasmin Vossoughian who got married recently in June 2016 to Whittaker Lindsay Clifford just does not share all the love in the world for her dog. Yasmin also a soon-to-be-mother is equally fond of doing yoga. A coffee lover and an early riser Yasmin insists on people doing yoga to remain fit and healthy.




A very much of a family lady Yasmin insists on life that has a fresh breeze of morning, some healthy “yogic” activities and stir of hot coffee with a granola for breakfast. In addition, an ideal break for her would be hanging out with her friends and enjoying the movement as much as she can. However hanging out with her friend aptly refers to her best friend i.e. her dogs whom she loves more than her life.

Well, Yasmin definitely knows how to balance personal and professional life and that too healthily.