Heroes Reborn creator Tim Kring, age 58, confident that the TV show will see another season

January 8, 2016
First Published On: January 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Heroes Reborn creator Tim Kring, aged 58, seems pretty confident that the TV show will see yet another season despite the dip in the show’s ratings.

American screenwriter and television producer Tim Kring created the sci-fi television drama Heroes back in 2006 and it was a massive hit. But unfortunately the ratings plummeted, people lost interest and the series ended just like that. Kring came back with the revival of the TV show named Heroes Reborn in 2015, but the viewership is so low that everybody seems to be thinking that the show will never be revived for the second season. But despite the low ratings, Kring is determined to bring the show back to life for the second time. 

The master of Sci-fi, who is best known for creating drama series like Strange World, Crossing Jordan, Heroes, and Touch, is confident that the show will be back on NBC with a second season. We all know that after the fall of Heroes nobody had expected the makers of the show to revive it. But they did and they did it with a promise of an improved version. And when the show premiered, it was rumored that it was meant to be for just one season. But now, it seems that the 13 episodes science fiction drama might be continued next season as well. 

The series creator Kring openly admitted to Variety last year in August that he always wanted the show to continue after the first season. 

"We've only spoken about doing 13 episodes. That being said, I've always felt that the brand was elastic enough and a broad enough premise. It's a show about ordinary people with extraordinary powers. It's an indeterminate amount of people around the world and then they have to save the world. I feel confident that we can find more story to tell with some returning characters and new ones," Kring said to the Variety magazine.

And his statement fueled rumors that the show would continue for further seasons. Kring was highly confident that Heroes Reborn would create magic on screen. But unfortunately, the show garnered negative ratings and low viewership. This has increased the chances of the show being canceled after the initial and the only season till date. 

According to TV by the Numbers, the show has seen a 50% dip from the opening 2.0 in September, down to 1.0 in the last few episodes in December last year before the midseason break. And this has really risked the chance of Kring’s show being renewed for the next season. The news about the renewal or cancelation of the show is yet to be available. 

It seems, Kring does not even get a chance to think about his personal life because of the amount of time he spends at his work. He formerly dated girlfriend Lisa, but there has been no information about his personal life. He is reportedly single, but it is not clear if he is dating someone or if he is married. 

His net worth remains undisclosed.