Henry Cavill Mustache Edited Out In a Re-shoot but Actor Ben Affleck Can't stop talking about it

Superhero movie Justice League is all set to introduce some of the greatest DC's superheroes to big screens where The Flash, Aqua Man, Wonder woman, Batman, Superman, Cyborg and many others have a part to play. Want to know what else had a role to play?

Want to know what else had a role to play?

It's Henry Cavill's mustache. Yes, Henry was spotted with carefully grown healthy facial hair which was ruthlessly edited by the DC team.

Ben Jokes on super-stache The crew members are Joking on Henry Cavill's super-stache

As the release date approaches near stars start talking about the fun they had while playing the character. The movie releasing on November 17, 2017, is done with all production and post-production duties and is about to start its publicity and promotion.

Ben jokes on Henry Cavill's Mustache Superman Henry Cavill's Mustache

But even before its promotion, Superman Henry Cavill's Mustache news went on to be a hot potato before any other gossip could surround the league.

Who outed the Henry Cavill's Mustache related news?

The news was outed by Ben Affleck in an interview with Empire Magazine today. According to the Batman Vs. Superman actor, It was a full-on porn-star mustache.

Ben Affleck jokes on Henry Cavill's Mustache Ben Affleck jokes on Henry Cavill's Mustache

Here is how Affleck described Cavill's Mustache that he was growing for Mission Impossible's sequel:

He looked like a porn star from the '70s, just with a better body. It's a different twist. Tell me you don't want to see that in action this November, and good reader, I will call you a liar. Come on, Warner Bros. — sure, edit it out of Justice League, but there has to be some footage saved for the behind-the-scenes featurettes and whatnot. Moustaches scientifically improved Batman v Superman. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't do the same for Justice League.
Ref: gizmodo.com.au

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