Helena Christensen loves seeing son Mingus, age 13, and boyfriend Paul Banks bonding

July 30, 2015
First published on:July 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Helen Christensen is glad that her son and her boyfriend, Paul Banks are bonding. The model talked to Porter magazine and said that seeing them bonding makes her heart “melt.” She said, “I see my boyfriend and my son hang out, or hear them talk, and it makes my heart completely melt.”

She also talked about her ex-boyfriend, Norman Reedus, with whom she had a relationship of five years. Reedus is also the father of her son, Mingus. She said, “There are just some people in my life whom I would fight for until the end, no matter what. And Norman is one of them. There's him, my son, my boyfriend, my family. That's my South American side, where you fight for your family, you fight for the people you love. My boyfriend's always teasing me with, "Here comes that Peruvian side! The emotions are erupting."'

The 46 model, who reached the height of her career during the 90s, is certainly getting older and she has insecurities about herself. While she is a bit behind in the social media front, without an Instagram or Twitter account, she seems like she’d be a “cool mom.” However, she says having a teenager is “deeply uncool”. She said now that her son has reached the “cocky” side of youth. She also said that her son, who is now 13 is now, is gaining “independence” in the nine page long interview with Porter.

Christensen also said that she is still good friends with ex Norman Reedus, who she dated from year 1998 to the year 2003. They share joint custody of their son, Mingus Lucien and have remained good friends.

Christensen is also proud of her heritage. She says she yearns to go to Peru. She said, “For some reason, the memories from there are washing over me again in a way they’ve never done before. We used to go there a lot when I was a child, but then there was a period when it wasn’t safe—my mother didn’t want to return for many years. … Even though I love traveling and I love exploring the world, there are not many places that I would want to settle and live. New York is one. But when I was in Lima last time, I had that feeling. Something inside of me just felt warm and safe and right.”

In the interview, Christensen also talked about her late friend, Heath Ledger. Christensen and Ledger were rumored to be dating. Talking about the late star, she said, “I helped him furnish his apartment in New York, and we were out shopping in a store that was full of the most beautiful furniture. I was looking at them, I guess a little too long. Next thing he had bought them and said, ‘Thank you for helping me with my place.’”

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