Heather Morris on Most Likely to Die trailer.

May 8, 2016
First Published On: May 8, 2016
by HitBerry

The movie that made people think twice before planning their reunion. The movie that made people think more than twice before playing a lame joke on their classmate in high school. The movie Most Likely to Die is a slasher movie that was showcased in UK frightfest in August 2015 and soon to be nearing its VOD and limited release on 13th May 2016 after being postponed from October 2015.

I guess people are really talking about the movie now, with all the trailers and the plots explained over the internet. Heather Morris, on the other hand, might be the reason enough for people to see this movie at least once.Heather Morris plays the main role in the movie.

In the trailer, we can friends celebrating their reunion and beautiful chicks and hot dudes laughing in the swimming pool and having fun, then suddenly, they are being chased by a masked killer leading to various murders. The trailer ends with Heather having nowhere to run and the killer swings the knife at her. The trailer was breathtaking and seemed far better than other similar movies including friends and murders. The audience were psyched to see her performing a lead role in the movie where I think everyone dies. I hope she won’t.  

After the end of her series Glee, she might not have wanted to squander this opportunity of a horror film. Heather has also appeared in various movies and various episodes of different TV shows. The movie has received generally positive review praising the performance of the actors and the dark tone while criticizing the cliché storyline. 

The plot is simple. A group of nine friends gather together for their high school reunion after 10 years and reminisce about their past and how one of the pranks had affected one of their friends. Blah Blah Blah getting wasted, blah blah blah getting laid, blah blah blah revenge, blah blah blah survival, it is now one of the most awaited horror movie this year. Check out his review from horrornews.

Overall, it looks like the movie version of Until Dawn except all the supernatural part. I am least likely to watch this movie alone at night. The movie is due Friday the 13th. Good one!