Ex-US player Heather Mitts - new FOX Sports studio analyst for FIFA Women's World Cup

July 6, 2015
First Published On: July 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Ex-US player Heather Mitts, who retired from the game in the year 2015, took on the role of as a FOX Sports studio analyst for the FIFA Women's World Cup. Ever since retirement, she has shown interest in sports broadcasting and, this World Cup, she definitely nailed it!!

After completing her formal education at the University of Florida Gators, Mitts pursued her career in football. Though she is of Canadian nationality, she played for the US and won 3 gold medals in the course of her career. She retired in 2013 and ventured into sports broadcasting.

"It's nice that I'm able to be part of the broadcast because I do have relationships with a lot of the girls that are currently on the team,” was what she had to say when US was victorious over Columbia in the Round of 16 match in Edmonton.

"Obviously, I respect them and what they tell me and also I just want to see them do well. But it also allows me to share a little bit of inside scoop as to what's going on from a USA perspective."

"I feel like I can word things in a way where they're still positive. I know that the girls are always giving their full effort and trying their hardest. I know that they want to be the best," said Mitts, height 5feet 5 inches, on her fellow players’ efforts.

She also had some encouraging words for her former team mates."You have to pick and choose the most important points and that part of it is kind of frustrating. But at the same time it's such a great opportunity and I just hope the girls can go all the way because it will make my job a lot easier," she said

"(I'll share) skills and drills that I feel helped me to reach the highest level to be on the national team, things kids can take home and do on their own," she shared about her earlier experiences.

"I always have to remind myself that our team historically likes to keep our fans on their toes. And once again, we were successful in doing that," said Mitts from the Fox Studio in Vancouver. "You have to give a lot of credit to Colombia because I think they played one of their best games and I think it was hard to break them down. But I'm happy that Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd were able to score and get on board and kind of give the team some confidence to move into the quarterfinals."

The former footballer got married to her long-time boyfriend A.J. Feeley, in the year 2010. The wedding was held at Cabo. Mitts, age 37, and her husband became proud parents of Connor William Feeley in the year 2014. She took to her Twitter to share her news with her fans. Her tweet read: ‘Welcomed Connor William Feeley to the world this morning!’