Heather Locklear Charged With Domestic Violence And Battery On A Duty Officer

March 13, 2018

American Actress Heather Locklear was charged with one count domestic violence and four for battery on an on-duty police officer.


Heather Locklear was charged with four misdemeanor counts of battery on police office but her one count of domestic violence against her boyfriend Chris Heisser was dropped.  

On 25 February 2018 when Locklear’s brother sees her sister fighting with her boyfriend Heisser in her home California, he calls 911.

CAPTION: Heather Locklear SOURCE: bbc

The deputies said the former US soap opera pushed him out of the bedroom doorway and began to scream saying “Get the F**k out of my house.”

 She even kicked a police officer in his shin and screamed “your children deserve to die, for which she was charged with 4 counts of battery on police officer.

According to Locklear, the fight started when she threw a Red Bull tin Can to her boyfriend after he lied to her. Later speaking to a government officer Alldredge, she revealed that her boyfriend strangled her so her so hard that she thought she will die.

CAPTION: Heather Locklear and Chris Heisser earlier romance now they are fighting on the same bed  SOURCE: Instagram

But Heisser denied choking her, in a report made by Deputy Sheriff Keith Hall.

Moreover, a deputy saw Heisser’s bleeding nose and redness on his chest side. Heisser in a statement said that he was sleeping in the bed and Locklear attacked her and struck him countless time. Describing the scenario he said she was over him for 20-30 minutes biting his face and acting totally wild and crazy.