Heather Dubrow opens about new season of Real Housewives of OC !!

February 5, 2018
First published on:June 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Heather Dubrow, the American actress, and Television personality have struck up a friendship with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Meghan King Edmonds.


In this season’s first episode of RHOC, Dubrow talked about how difficult it was for her to make new friends after moving to a new neighborhood as she joined King for dinner. With Season 10 at full throttle, Heather is busy working on her new house.

In a recent interview Dubrow said that her main focus, this season is going to be the new house. Heather and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow had teased season 10 in their recent interview.

[ CAPTION: Heather Dubrow in real housewives ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

As mentioned in the interview, the audience is not going get see much of Terry as he busy with TV series “Botched” when Season 10 was being filmed, but definitely, we can expect to see much of Heather.

But it’s not just her house she’s worried about. Four-year-old Coco, who is the youngest of her four children is still using a pacifier and this seems to be troubling Dubrow.

In her personal blog, Dubrow expressed her concern saying:

The kids are happy and thriving... the only problem is Coco's pacifier. I know I'm going to get a lot of comments about the fact that she's four and still has one, so just so you know I GET IT!!! I've tried everything!!!! Still working on it (big sigh...)”

[ CAPTION: Heather Dubrow in real housewives ][ SOURCE: Bravo TV ]

She went ahead to talk about how the other housewives have emotional journeys ahead of them. She focused on Shannon Beador, saying that it is difficult to watch Shannon and her husband David Beador and that they are brave to show what they are going to (referring to their marital issues.)

Dubrow describes this season as more raw and real, saying she felt more connected to the other housewives than the seasons before. This is Dubrow’s fourth season, she had joined Real Housewives of Orange Country in the seventh season of the show.


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