Find out Heather Cox's Net Worth, Sources of Income, Salary, and Lavish Lifestyle

When there are celebrities who do anything to keep their name on the headlines, there are some celebrities like Heather Cox who has always tried to be away from the limelight. She is one of the most prominent American sportscasters who works as a sports reporter for NBC earning a huge amount of money.


The involvement of women in the sportscasting is less which makes Heather Cox popular and unique from the rest. Within a short period of time, she won millions of hearts, and now her fans are surfing around to know about her net worth, sources of income, and career details about her. Check it out below:

How much is Heather Cox’s Net Worth? Sources of Earnings?

Before joining the broadcasting career, Heather Cox was involved in an athletic career from 1988 to 1991. After her athletic career, she started her broadcasting career from 1994 to 2016 and served as a reporter for ABC Sports and ESPN’s coverage of NBA on ABC, NBA on ESPN, college football on ESPN, college football on ABC, NBC, and many others.


Nothing like having friends join for a work trip / quick mini-vacation!

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It’s been over three decades that Cox began her professional career and is still active in the field which makes people compelled to think that her net worth is high. Cox is also regarded to be one of the highest paid reporters in America.

As mentioned above, Cox is quite secretive regarding her personal life, thus did not reveal the exact figure of her net worth. However, a couple of gossip mongers claim that Heather Cox’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Well, Cox might have collected such a huge amount through her broadcasting career and volleyball career. Working as a basketball analyst for Fox Sports Net might have helped her to add an extra fortune to her net worth.

Heather Cox’s Salary and Lavish Lifestyle

Though she is regarded to be the highest paid reports, she did not reveal anything regarding her earnings and salary amount.

While surfing around, we found out that ESPN reporter’s salary is around $85,000 annually. Thus Heather Cox’s salary might be approximately $85,000. In the same way, Heather Cox’s salary from ABC might be around $97,883-$107,393.

 In the same context, while covering NBA, she might have earned around $68,260. Cox has also worked as a reporter on NBC thus might have collected around $99,373 per year. This makes us clear that Heather Cox is earning a pretty huge amount.

Sadly, the information regarding her house, cars collection, assets, and properties are yet to be disclosed by her. If you go across her Instagram, you might come across her several posts of enjoying a vacation, having fun on the ski, family get-together, and more. These posts on Instagram are the proof of her lavish lifestyle.


Aly & Sophie with the "GoPro Handoff"

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Four generations. And oh so grateful.

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First night in Budapest...

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Perfect day on Payette Lake...

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First day of the ? season in the books ??

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Heather Cox is still active in the field, no doubt she will be increasing her net worth and salary in coming days. Keeping everything under the curtain, Cox is living a lavish lifestyle.