Is Head Transplant Possible? Find Procedures or Techniques of Surgery and Who is doing this Surgery

June 28, 2018
First published on:April 18, 2017
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Is head transplant possible? Dr. Canavero became headline around the world in 2015 claiming that he is going to switch the head of one person to the body of someone else.

Canavero has plans to carry out the operation in 2017, which could happen in the UK. He says the UK is in choice, due to the huge support that he has received from the people of that country.

Head transplant possible

The Surgeon has mentioned that the transplant surgery would take around 36 hours and around 150 medical staffs are required to complete the transplant.

As per the Surgeon, the first step would be to freeze the head to keep brain cells alive.

Then the neck would be cut and tubes which connect veins and arteries are fitted.

The next step is one of the major concerns in this surgery, cutting the spinal cord. Which is done by using the special blade made of diamonds, the diamond is in choice due to its strength.

The head is then taken onto the donor’s body, and then the spinal cords are blend together, using special biocompatible glue. Canavero says that it should be strong enough to set up the head.

Further, in the final stage Muscles, Organs, and Veins are attached and skin is stitched together.

Person who is going to transplant his head

A Russian citizen Mr. Valery Spiridonov has volunteered to undergo the head transplant surgery, who is suffering from a genetic disorder; he was wheelchaired since his childhood.

If it goes as expected, Dr. Canavero and Mr. Spiridonov will be the first doctor and the first patient to attain the head transplant surgery. However, it has said by Spiridonov that his girlfriend is against the controversial transplant surgery.

Dr. Canavero, Mr. Spiridonov, and the transplant mechanism

Source: mirror

How the process of Surgery begins

The Surgeon Canvavero has given the entire strategies to the procedure that has been published in several papers relating the title journal Surgical Neurology International.

Like other organ transplants, the surgeon and his team would need a donor who would be a young brain-dead man.

Once the permission is granted from his family the body would set up for surgical decapitation.

Also, Mr. Spiridonov would be allowed to handle by another surgical team, the team would cool his body to 50 °F which will detain tissue death in the brain, approx. for an hour, which suggests surgeons complete their work quickly.

Afterward, they will remove heads of both donor and receiver by a transparent diamond blade, at the same time; the spinal cords would be surviving.

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Critics oppose proposed Head transplants

Critics say Dr. Canavero is planning a pure fantasy.

Dr. Frankenstein says that “Mr. Canavero has been compared to the fictional gothic horror character, because of his fictional story and the director from medical ethics, Langone Medical Centre, New York University's Mr. Arthur Caplan, mentioned him as 'nuts'.

Neurological Surgeons, Dr. Hunt Batjer told CNN; 'I would not wish this on anyone. I would not permit anyone to do this to me as we know there are many things worse than death.'

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