Hazal Kaya - Biography; The Feriha Girl

August 26, 2016
First Published On: August 26, 2016
by HitBerry

Hazal Kaya, who rose to fame after her immaculate reprisal of Feriha Y?lmaz Sarrafo?lu in the widely acclaimed television series “ Adini Feriha Koydum”, (2011-2012) is a beautiful Turkish actress known to few.It is praiseworthy to note how this beautiful Turk transformed herself from the agony of a troubled childhood to being one of the established actors in Turkey.


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Early life

Hazal Kaya was born in Gaziantep, southern Turkey on 1st October 1990.She had to endure a troubled childhood. At the age of seven, her parents were estranged. Her parents’ divorce was not an obstacle for the future actress. She attended Gaziosmanpasa elementary school and went on to graduate in 2009 from Liceo Italiano di Istanbul.  Complying with her wishes, her mother didn’t hold back to complexities but sent her to violin and ballet classes to help pursue her dream. Her hard work and of course her beauty attracted breakthrough deals in the commercials for the famous brands like Nescafe, Ritmix, that kick-started her career.

Acting career

Hazal Kaya boasts some remarkable works up her sleeves. But it was not always sunshine and rain for the prodigal Turk. Touted an uprising prodigy by many back then, Kaya had to go through daunting times during the dawn of her acting career. Sidelined to secondary roles in the beginning  of her career, Hazal Kaya was offered the role of Nihal Ziyagil in “A?k-? Memnu” that earned her recognition. But it was the Television series “Adini Feriha Koydum” that turned out to be a game changer for Kaya as her portrayal of Feriha Y?lmaz Sarrafo?lu elevated her career to new heights. She starred in many Turkish movies after “Adini Feriha Koydum” and currently is the highest paid Turkish actress. She has also starred in many advertisements and music videos.

Private life

Hazal Kaya is a sensation among her fans because of her giving them a high priority. For Hazal her and are very important and that love is returned by her fans as well who support her no matter what. However though in love life Hazal has had a bit twisted relationship history. The 26-year-old actress has had three failed relationships in the past seven years. She has dated Sarp Bozkurt (2012-13), Cahit Baha Pars (2010-12), Alper Saldiran (2009-10) and is currently with Ali Atay from December 2014

Along with that the actor is still pursuing further studies and is an avid learner. She has mastered three languages so far and is learning her fourth. 


One of the finest actresses of the country,Hazal Kaya has accumulated scores of awards through the course of her short career that is yet to reach the pinnacle she is destined to. The stats don’t lie; the actor has raked in 14 awards out of the available 33 where she was nominated.