Have movie Actress Amy Steel and husband Peter Pulitzer gotten a divorce? Or are they still together?

HitBerryPublished on   13 Dec, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

On different websites, Amy Steel is reported as the ex-wife of Peter Pulitzer and vise versa. When one searches Amy Steel on the internet, we can find that she was indeed once married to husband Peter Pulitzer, But currently, any more knowledge about their relationship is still unknown. So let’s take a stronger look at this matter. Are they really together or not?

Before we begin to dissect this matter, let us have a look at Amy Steel. At the age of 55, she is a long way from her once glory days. But that has not stopped her from having great fun in life. She is often seen travelling to all sorts of places. Such a great way to spend your time, huh?

She married Peter Pulitzer way back in 1986. The couple have two daughters together. In Amy Steel and her daughters’ Instagram accounts, there have been few photos of Peter Pulitzer. But since last year, we have yet to see photos that have both Amy Steel and Pulitzer in the same picture. Maybe, camera did not zoom wide enough?

Anyways, Amy Steel works as a family therapist at the organization, InBalance, that is located in the suburbs of Santa Monica Mountains. She also practices her own therapeutic classes at Calabasas. She basically focuses on specializing in adolescent and mid-life transitions.

She is now famous. She is most noted for her role as Ginny Field in the 1981 horror film, Friday the 13th Part 2. Boy! Old it maybe, but that movie definitely takes the creep out of ya! Watch it if you dare. Since it is a movie series, she was apparently offered a role in the third series as well. However, Steel did not reprise the role as her agent said that it may not be the best of decisions. Well, we think she may have regretted the decision. but Steel says that she does not regret not featuring as she was focused on her other career. Plus, she believes she had enough of the spotlight in horror movies. Her other notable performance includes the 1986 horror film April Fool's Day.

Her other numerous television roles includes stints on CBS’s Guiding Light as Trudy Wilson, as Peggy Warner on All My Children and appearance in the highly rated Abandoned and Deceived alongside appearance in the short-lived television series, The Powers of Matthew Star alongside Peter Barton.

Steel has appeared as guest personality in shows like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Family Ties, CHiPs, The A-Team, Chicago Hope, Quantum Leap, Millennium and JAG. These shows have allowed her to have a net worth of almost a million dollars.

Now, coming back to the main discussion, is she really divorced? She’s at the age of 55, and considering this, she is most probably not having an affair with another guy. Well, most likely! Anyways, even if she was, then there would be at least some sorts of gossips flying around! However, nothing can be speculated and since she is not in the media spotlight now, there is little way we can find out about this.