Hatem Ben Arfa contacted by big name clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool.

April 21, 2016
First published on:April 21, 2016
by HitBerry

French forward Hatem Ben Arfa is supposedly contracted by English clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool.

We agree that neither Chelsea nor Liverpool had not had much luck this season but nevertheless, they are one of the top-tier clubs in the league. White Klopp might still be looking for a potential player who can further increase the overall synergy and the flow of game Chelsea has had their share of trouble with Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas being out of their form for quite some time now.

RMC has stated that Liverpool has been targeting his French forward to increase their attacking power. Liverpool has also already made a bid to hire him. More information will be dis

Despite his controversial tenure at Newcastle United as well as in Hull City, he was able to prove his worth in French League with his team Nice. Although he could not play last season due to the contract that one can play only for two clubs in a year, this season was pretty favorable for him. He stats reveals that he has scored 17 goals in his 32 appearances and helped his club get to the fourth position whilst still three games remaining. Similarly, Ben has stood out as one of the most promising players this season.

We cannot forget the fact that is infamous for his lack of discipline but that is hardly seen nowadays.

Upon his return to his homeland, Ben stated – “Even if Real Madrid had called at that moment, my mind was made up. There are people here who trust me, who do not judge me as some people want to judge me through the press.”

Now that this remarkable player has shown his talent, not only Liverpool and Chelsea wants to bring him back to EPL but it seems French giants PSG wants to contract him as well.

According to French Publication L’Equipe, the two English teams will have to compete with AC Milan, Athletico Madrid and Villarreal for signing Ben.

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