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Has María Elena Salinas dated anyone after her divorce from her ex-husband, Eliott Rodriguez?

March 29, 2016
First published on:March 29, 2016
by HitBerry

Anchor Maria Elena Salinas was married to her ex-husband Eliott Rodriguez in the early 1990s and they have two children, Julia Alexandra and Gabirela Maria. She got divorced from her husband in the year 2007. The reason of divorce with her husband is still dim but both of them have won honorable awards for their works so might be both became busy in making their life more prestigious and did not have time for each other which headed them towards the divorce scene. But after the divorce with Rodriguez, Salinas is never heard dating any guy. Salinas never had extra marital affairs too and does not have a boyfriend. Salinas is now living in Miami with her two daughters.

Peabody Award winning Salinas is described as the Voice of Hispanic America by New York Times and is one of the most recognized and influential journalist in the United States. Sixty-two year old anchor has been anchoring the most watched newscast by American Hispanic Noticiero Unvision since 1987. Since 2002, she also had been co-hosting Aqui y Ahora (Here and Now), a news magazine also on Unvision. She delivers news and information that empowers a millions of viewers across the Americas including 18 Latin American countries and has a large number of viewers in the digital and social media. She covers almost all the major stories of the day not only witnessing the history but also communicating information about the trail.

The successful anchor Salinas started her journalistic career in 1981 as a reporter, anchor and public affair hosts for KMEX-34. Her insightful works lead her being a noticeable anchor. She raised up as a trustworthy, objective and serious anchor. Her works started highly been respected and allowed her to secure high profile interviews with prominent global figures. Her rise in journalism was obvious as she was and is still highly dedicated towards her work and carries out it effectively and efficiently.

Salinas is among the first female journalist to cover the reports from war-torn streets of Baghdad, has been in the frontlines courageously covering elections around the globe, dictatorships, drug traffickers, Latin American guerrilla insurgencies, and epic disasters including Haiti’s earthquake in 2010 and the tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma in 2013. Reporting in such risky places has made Salinas on the top list.

She had done the interviews with A-grade celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ricky martin and Gloria Estefan and reporting to the struggles of the Dreamers.

On April 11, 2006 her autobiography Yo Soy la Hija de mi Padre (I Am my Father's Daughter) was released as a hardback edition. There she had written about her father.

The influential and truth-hitting anchor is still on her way of journalism and has a large amount of salary and her net worth is at millions of dollars.