Has Malin Åkerman dated anyone since her divorce from her ex-husband in 2013? Does she currently have a boyfriend?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Has Malin Åkerman dated anyone since her divorce from her ex-husband in 2013? Does she currently have a boyfriend?

Questions and questions all around, but why worry when we are here.

Well after getting a divorce from her ex-husband Roberto Zincone in 2013, the actress started dating Colin Egglesfield in 2014.

The pair have zipped up their relationship until they were first photographed together in Beverly Hills in the same year.

"They're taking it slow," a source tells us. In quite the head-scratcher, a pal adds: "She thinks he's almost too hot for her!"

The Trophy Wife actress and Colin were first spotted enjoying a low-key evening at Sugarfish Sushi for dinner in April 1 the same year.

On April 12, the pair continued their new love fest at the 2014 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, California. The actress was dressed casually in jeans and a black T-shirt as she cheered on the Client List alum. She was obviously looking hot.

In the following week, Colin shared about what he looks for in a girlfriend to USWeekly. “I want a girl who doesn't complain, who appreciates things and says thank you," he said.

He told in the same interview at the Century City, California, at the premiere of Life Happens, “Girls don't really cook anymore! And I really don’t care about it”.

Well he must have found all those qualities in the actress and both of them must have hit it off.

They used to post their photos in Instagram before, but recently, we are out of their updates.

Have they broken up already? Maybe or maybe not. We do not have any legitimate proofs to back up that hypothesis. So they might be dating as of now.

Malin is a popular Swedish, Canadian actress, model and singer. She has ‘conflicting feelings’ for two countries. In an interview for Toronto Star, she said, “Every time I'm in Canada I feel more Swedish, and every time I'm in Sweden I feel more Canadian. I belong in both places and I love them both equally."

The actress is noted for frequently giving nude scenes in her movies and TV shows (sometimes). She has given nude scenes in movies like The Heartbreak Kid and Watchmen.  She has stated that she feels comfortable with the nudity on camera as long as the scenes are not gratuitous.

She commented in an interview with ‘Daily mail’ saying "I spent a lot of time as a child in Sweden; it’s natural there ... I don't know many women who go to bed with their husband at night and have sex with a bra on ... So let's make it real in the movies." When she was asked about why she is not against nudity on camera.

The net worth of the actress is estimated to be $10 million.