Has Christie Blatchford ever been married? Is she dating anyone?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Has Christie Blatchford ever been married? Is she dating anyone?

If you are wondering if the controversial journalist and broadcaster Christie Blatchford has ever been married. Then here is the news scoop.

The journalist is a very private kind of person. She sure likes to blab about others’ personal lives but knows how to zip up about her personal life.

The official news of her dating and marriage has not been posted on the internet. However, we can see her posing in the photo with a man who probably must be her husband.

Looking at them, they seem like a happy couple. As previously mentioned, she likes to hide her family life behind the thick curtains, she has not revealed anything about her children. Although, there is a huge ‘if’ in it. We don’t want to circulate a false rumor but based on what we see it might be a probability.

We can totally understand the reason behind being so secretive. With the paparazzi following and media pressuring you and your family, not disclosing them seems to be a good idea. There has been no proof of her dating of having affair with anyone. Internet rumors may be the cause that some are blaming her and associating her name with her fellow co-worker or other people, but we guess that’s only a hoax.

About the dating queries, she has been busy writing and reporting ever since. No any news of her dating anyone, ‘not a single news’.

All we know for sure is that she has been dragged into many controversies of cases she reports and supports.

Currently, in her sixties, Christie has devoted her entire life in her job. Contributing her entire youth and adulthood to the job, she had skipped the part where she has fun and loves someone.

This journalist turned writer is famous for her personality and character and one may even call her a perfectionist.

Her noteworthy work includes reporting the life of the Canadian solider in 2006-07 during her trips to Afghanistan and even published a book based on it. Her talent and her devotion awarded her with National Newspaper award for Column writing.

Christie is very active in social media like Twitter. He had thousands of followers and she often posts pictures and tweets to her fans about her personal life and some trending issues.

Her works are a draw to the public and quickly attracts many readers. This skillful lady is good at what she does and unrivaled at her talent.

Much like most of her private life, the information regarding her net worth has also not been disclosed. We only assume that she earn hefty. One of the sources on the internet reveals her salary to be around $250,000 per year.