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Has Anna Sui ever been married? Is she currently dating anyone?

March 27, 2016
First published on:March 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Anna Sui is without a doubt one of the most successful Chinese American fashion designer s in the world. She has already garnered such a huge amount of respect for herself due to her outstanding designs and works which time and again have left the fashion world amazed and thinking.

Anna’s personal life has not been as glamourous as her professional one. It is believed that she has not yet been married but according to her, her husband is fashion designing. She, having never been married before in her lifetime has had zero experiences in the cases of divorce.

Her thoughts for her ever having her own children are also known to be along the neutral lines and she has not said or indicated much in this area for it to be determined whether she plans on having children sometime in the near future or ever.

However over the years, every once in a while she has been rumored to be linked to several people in sober but candescent relationships. But no men have earned the title of being called her boyfriend ever.

As a professional, Anna is a distinguished member of the world fashion industry. She has already been accounted among the top fashion icons of the decade. She has also already been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award called “Geoffrey Beene” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Which has made her in par among names that are at the top of the fashion hierarchy. Other members include legends of the fashion industry Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.

She has three different labels and they are “Anna Sui”, “Dolly Girl by Anna Sui” and “Anna Sui Mini”. She has also designed through a partnership with car manufacturer Nissan, a limited edition car. The car being the Nissan 350z Anna Sui limited edition.

She is also known to give lectures to various aspiring fashion candidates all over the USA. Among her fans, she is taken as an inspiration of a person who through her creativity gave the world something in return along the lines of fashion and other merchandise.

Anna is also known to do only two seasonal fashion shows a year. A custom she has upheld on her job ethic since she started out with fashion shows years ago.

Anna is estimated to have somewhere around $400 million as her net worth. Most of her earnings come by her various stores that are called free-standing stores supplied by independent distributors. Her stores are famous for their unique fashion, clothing, women’s dress and fragrances.

Anna also happens to be a very popular figure on social media. She has over 200K followers on various social networking sites. She is most followed on Facebook and Instagram.