Has Alan Doyle ever been married? Does he have any children?

HitBerryPublished on   01 Apr, 2016Updated on   01 Apr, 2016

Has our Canadian musician and actor Alan Doyle ever been married? Does he have any children? What are you waiting for? Let us find out.

Well, these days most of the celebrities do not like to reveal their personal life publicly. They try their best to keep their family way out and way far from the media, however, no one has been spared from the snoopy reporters.

Alan Doyle has always kept his family away from the gossiping media and we must say he has been successful. We do know when did he got married or even is he is a father by now. Seriously, not a clue. However, after rigorous research we have found a ‘small hot, buttered slice of fond memories from Alan Doyle’ contributed to The Globe and Mail.

This was published in 2014. Here he shares his old sweet memories. This is the first time and may be the place where he has revealed about his wife Joanne. He has revealed his starting days of an affair with her. He has mentioned how his family and about his inspiration. However, the reality of him having children is not yet to be discovered.

He met Joanne in his 20s and then the love story begins. He shares his starting days with Joanne in the article.

“When my wife, Joanne, who was then my girlfriend, came to Petty Harbour for the first time in our early 20s, I showed her around the house I grew up in. I shared some of our stories, like the “out of oil” parties”, he writes.

He further adds “On our way back to St John’s, she casually mentioned she was not aware I’d come from a poor family. I had no idea what she was talking about. I honestly thought she was joking. It had never occurred to me that my family may have been less well off than most other Newfoundland or Canadian families”.

He further writes “If I had to pick one thing that was responsible for my joyous and completely satisfied childhood, I’d say it was my family. If I had to pick two things, I’d say my family and Mom’s homemade bread”

From this, it is crystal clear that he is a real family guy who values his loved ones to the square of infinity. His family love is often traced in his songs and those songs have highly contributed to increase his net worth.

In the article, he shared about his family dining style, and how he helps his wife while cooking and blah and blah. Also, he mentions about his scheduled family tour.

In the article, he concludes by writing, “Life for me as an adult has been a balancing act between going away and coming back home. I’ve been lucky to discover faraway places, but I’ve always known where I belong”. Yes, he does know where he belongs. Doesn't he?