Has Adam Godley been dating anyone since his divorce with wife Alex in 2004???

HitBerryPublished on   06 Sep, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021

When our favorite celebs, especially male celebs, split with their partners or get divorced, the only question that pops up in our mind is, “Who are they going to date next or who will they marry next?”. We have been asking the same question to ourselves ever since Adam Godley got a divorce from his former wife Alex Belcourt in 2004.

The English film, television and theatre actor, Adam Godley was married to actress Alex till 2004. We don’t have the information about the exact date when he got married or when he started dating her. But we do know that the Tony Award actor ended his relationship with Belcourt in 2004. They do not have children. The real reason is not known as the talented actor, aged 51 keeps his private life pretty confidential.

After the divorce, several of his fans had thought that the actor would find someone else in his life, someone whom he would love to spend his whole life with. They were quite positive that the three times Oliver Award nominee would surely hook up with someone. But unfortunately, the TV personality broke everybody’s heart. He did not seem very eager to get involved in any romantic fling with anyone. Did the divorce left him heartbroken? Was he not ready to move on with anyone? Did he still miss his wife? These are the questions that people have started asking each other. But nobody knows why the actor avoided dating and romance.

After his nasty divorce with Skyland star, Alex Belcourt, an online site called Taddlr.com did a survey pole about Godley’s romantic life recently. The site asked the people to vote whether Godley would find his true love in 2015. Almost everyone voted on yes, which made the prediction of his chances of finding his true love this year to be 100 percent. Well, it is already September and we are more than halfway through 2015. Yet, we’re still not sure whether the down to the earth theatre actor will be finding himself a girlfriend this year.

Many of his haters argue that Adam Godley is way past his marriageable age. He not only has crossed 50 but he also looks quite old. Meanwhile, his die-hard fans and lovers defend him to death. They argue that, if other male celebs in his 60s and even 70s, can have a young and sexy girlfriend, then why can’t a decent man on his 50s date a woman suitable for him? Quite true, we say.

The lovers of Adam Godley believe that the actor is quite busy working on theatre and movies that he does not have time to look around for women. And they say that, for an actor like him, his professional career is more important than dating someone.

In all of this, the actor has under the radar of homosexuality. There is no shortage of people who call him gay because he is single. They claim that the actor, who has an estimated net worth of $2 million, is secretly involve with a man, which is why he separated with his wife and hasn’t dated any woman in past 11 years. We don’t know if it’s true but rumors are always fun to hear, aren’t they?