Has Adam Beach dated anyone since his divorce from his ex-wife in 2007?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Born on November 11, 1972, Adam Beach is a Canadian First Nations Actor best known for his roles as Victor in Smoke Signals. How he got the role is worth looking into because he got the only after two readings, partly because foundation of his and the movie’s story are similar. The story in movie was of a boy who had to leave his reservation in Idaho and head to Phoenix to collect the ashes of his late father, who had abandoned him and his mother when he was just ten. Feelings and emotions of abandoned 10 year old Victor are quiet similar to orphaned Adam in real life.  Adam had a traumatic childhood.  When he was eight years old, his mother, Sally Beach, eight months pregnant with a baby girl, was killed by a drunk driver. Eight weeks after his mother's death. Adam Beach and his two brothers initially went to live with their grandmother; they later moved to Winnipeg to live with their uncle and aunt.

Beach was very passionate about acting, right from his childhood. He used to attend drama class at Gordon Bell High School which inspired him to give acting a start. He began performing in local theatre productions and eventually dropped out of school to take a lead role at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People. At the age of 18, he appeared in Lost in the Barrens in a small role. He continued to work in local theaters and got chance to appear as a guest in television in few shows before becoming a regular on North of 60 and The Rez. His career in movies started thereafter and so far, he has accomplished a lot by starring in over 60 movies and tv series.

Adam Beach’s record shows that he has been married twice. His first marriage to Meredith Porter in 1999 lasted only for 3 years. They had their own differences and the marriage turned out quiet unpleasant and ended in a divorce very soon. The couple has two children. Both are sons, Noah (born 1996) and Luke (born 1988).

Not long after the first divorce, Adam married his second wife, Tara Mason in 2003. The marriage went on for 4 years but it too ended in a divorce in 2007. Adam and his second wife do not have any kids together. Soon after his second wife left, Summer Tigers made a new entrance. His domestic partner Tigers gave birth to a daughter, Phoenix in 2008. After breaking up with Tigers, Beach began dating Leah Gibson. Beach stated in a Huffington Post interview that he and Gibson met each other on sets of ‘Artic Air’. He is quiet open about his relationships but somehow he has laid low this time and kept his relationship status a secret.

Net worth of this actor is estimated to be around $2million, however the source is not definite.