Has actress Janine Turner had plastic surgery to make her look younger than her age?

HitBerryPublished on   01 Sep, 2015Updated on   22 Apr, 2021

Janine Turner is a single mother who raised her daughter Juliette on her own. She is also a writer of 2008 book, Holding Her Head High: Inspiration from 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History. She is an inspiration for countless women and children all around the world. The 52 year old actress has been a great inspiration and a role model for all of us but despite all these, she has been the topic of gossips and been into many controversies. Do you know why? Because of alleged plastic surgery.

Despite being dubbed as one of the most beautiful actresses who aged well, her timeless beauty is often accredited to the plastic surgery procedures that she allegedly underwent. According to several online websites, the actress went under the knife to get that beautiful, glowing and wrinkle free skin in her late 50s. They also claim that she did a facelift and injected her lips with Restylane or Juvederm and even did eyelid surgery. So how much truth is there in these allegations? Did she really undergo all these surgeries?

Despite all the claims, the Northern Exposure star has been denying all the rumors. She has dubbed all the allegations as false and to strengthen her point, Turner recently posted a status on her Facebook wall.

“Don't you hate it when they say actresses are defying age when they've had a facelift!! Well, I'm not having one so I guess I'll be defining age!”

Her anti plastic surgery status really touched all her followers on the social media site. They supported their favorite actress and praised her for being so natural and against the plastic surgery unlike other Hollywood divas. One of the fans even said that he felt sad because a woman like her wasn’t his wife.

Turner revealed in an old interview with D magazine that she didn’t drink. And when asked whether she would be doing a plastic surgery in future (she was very young back then), she replied that she was never going to go under the knife.

She also added how people always accused her of having Lip augmentation.

“No. People always accuse me of having my lips done, and I have not had my lips done. I just line them! I won’t go under the knife. There’s no way.”

But she admitted that she might do a little Botox, but clarified that she won’t be using thing artificial in her body to look beautiful.

“I would maybe do a little Botox.

“No, I’m sorry, I can’t put botulism in my body. I’ll have to come up with something—my bangs are my Botox!”

So, if she really is against plastic surgery and artificiality, then what’s up with her swollen lips? Her wrinkle free skin is the result of Botox, but how did she manage to enlarge her lips naturally?

The actress has dated a lot of men in her life including actor Alec Baldwin, Jerry Jones Jr., Troy Aikman, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Sylvester Stallone. She was even engaged to Baldwin, but she never married her then to-be-husband or any of the later men. She is a religious person and is seen usually tweeting religious quotes from Bible on her Twitter handle. She is not active on Instagram.