Harvey Weinstein Masturbated Infront of Reporter Lauren Sivan

Everyone knows that American former film studio and film producer Harvey Weinstein is all over the headlines after The New York Times published the survey where he was involved in eight sexual harassment charges.


Everyday news regarding Harvey Weinstein's black truth is popping out. In the recent post, we talked about how Weinstein blamed his brother Bob Weinstein for his downfall. And now, American journalist, actress, and reporter Lauren Sivan flashed the news of being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein Masturbated In front of Reporter Lauren Sivan

After The New York Times revealed the black side of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment charges, he is all over the headlines and has been a talk of the town.

Now, Lauren Sivan revealed that Harvey Weinstein Masturbated in front of her like decades ago. She explained the truth to the Huffington Post.

On Monday, 10 October 2017, Sivan appeared on Megyn Kelly Today and detailed the years of silence and the truth behind the New York City restaurant and Weinstein's story.

Sivan said that she met Weinstein in a Cuba-themed restaurant. After a short talk, Weinstein said that he would let her make a tour to the restaurant and the kitchen area. Weinstein took her to the downstairs area of the restaurant and tried to kiss her.

Sivan explained:

I immediately rebuffed and said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. I had no idea that that's what this was. I'm sorry, I have a very serious boyfriend, and I'm not interested

Weinstein then blocked Sivan's path and ordered to stand quietly. Sivan said:

It happened very quickly, and he immediately exposed himself and began pleasuring himself.

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She stayed quiet for almost ten years. During that incident, she shared the incident with her pals but could not go public. But after The New York Times published the report of sexual harassment of Weinstein, she then came forward to speak it out.

Lauren Sivan appeared on Megyn Kelly Today [ CAPTION: Lauren Sivan appeared on Megyn Kelly Today ][ SOURCE: indiewire]

Sivan told Kelly:

There was no remorse there was no even acknowledgment of the type of behavior that was going on.

She furthermore added:

I mean, if he did this with me, who's just a stranger who is not an actress in Hollywood and doesn't need anything from him, I can only imagine how many other women something like this has happened to

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Sivan had not any contact with Weinstein since then despite the phone call Weinstein made to her next day. For those who doubted her story, she tweeted a message on her Twitter:

It looks like Harvey Weinstein is really in big trouble.