Harry Styles splits with girlfriend Tess Ward after a month of dating

The heartthrob, Harry Edward Style has reportedly split up with his girlfriend, Tess Ward only after a month of dating. And there's a story behind how their romance turned into something that broke everyone's heart.

Harry Edward Style is an English singer, a songwriter, and an actor who is best known as a member of the popular boy band One Direction. Tess Ward is a London-based food blogger, she's a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and has worked in the kitchens of River Cottage and The Ritz. She develops recipes for the Grazia restaurant column and for brands such as Le Creuset.

Harry Styles splits with girlfriend Tess Ward

Harry surprisingly got romantically linked with Tess because no one was aware of their relationship until the moment she was spotted in Harry's car. Tess wore Gucci flower printed shirt that Harry had worn a few days before. Busted!

Tess Ward and Harry Styles Tess Ward and Harry Styles wearing same shirt Source: Yahoo

Tess is an ambitious person. She went to Le Cordon Blue cooking school and currently works as a freelance food writer. This may be the reason why Harry and Tess got along so well.

According to the sources, the couple has been in a number of dates while in London. Harry also introduced Tess to his close friends including his personal stylist Lou Teasdale. It could be assumed from here that how Tess made a huge impact on him.

Also, their mutual love of quirky fashion and food have lit a spark between them. Some of the reports tell that the couple began dating after they were introduced by their mutual friends.

The reason behind the break-up

Close pals of singer Harry thought that this relationship would last a long time. But unfortunately, it was a wrong assumption. Now the pair is no more together. To an interesting note, it was Tessa who broke up with Harry.

According to the sources, Tess called off her relationship that has just started blossoming to be with her ex-boyfriend who is a mysterious London businessman whose identity is being kept under wraps. In fact, she broke up with her ex to be with Harry.

Harry Styles and his ex-girlfriend Tess Ward Harry Styles and his ex-girlfriend Tess Ward Source: E! Online

While Ward went London, she accidentally met her former boyfriend which made her realize that she still has feelings for him. A source told the British tabloid that now Harry and Tess haven't seen each other for a number of weeks after they have ended their relationship.

After Harry and Tess dramatic split up, it is reported that Tess has been receiving hate messages and rows of annoying comments on her Instagram and Twitter. It happened after Harry announced his breakup with Tess. Because of that, she has stopped associating with the social media.

While Harry had to go through his breakup, sadly he also had to deal with his stepfather Robin Twist demise. Now Harry is switching his focus promoting his new film 'Dunkirk' and his new album.


Harry's debut movie Dunkirk is released and also his album.

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