Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch dating Harry Potter's dad? Rumored boyfriend Robbie Jarvis played James Potter in the series

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch is currently dating Harry Potter's dad!!! Now don’t get all shocked. We are not talking about the old James Potter, but rather the younger one. Yes people, the Looney… oops my mistake, Luna Lovegood is dating none other than actor Robbie Jarvis, who appeared as a younger version of James Potter in the fifth part of the Harry Potter movies series, The Order of the Phoenix. And we must admit, James really beat the crap out of Snivellus Snape. LOL…

Now, this beautiful witch has been seeing her handsome boyfriend from a pretty long time and we didn’t even know it! We couldn’t even sniff the love potion that was being brewed between these two magical people. 

Well, the Harry Potter stars had not admitted to their romantic affair until May this year when Lynch posted a really loving picture of the couple together on his birthday on Instagram. The actress posted a selfie where she was seen all ready to plant a kiss on the birthday boy’s cheek while on a bus.

The photo was captioned: "Happy 29th Birthday to this little babe!! @awildrobbieattacks sweetest boy! Off to see a show together :) #happybirthdayrsobbie"

They might have tried their best to keep their relationship a secret until then, but they came out publicly on Jarvis’ big day. Before this post, the couple had never created any suspicion among fans despite posting several snaps of their hikes in Los Angeles, a trip to Japan, and some quality time with their pets.

Previously, the loving pair posted countless pics of them together on Instagram. They shared a really beautiful picture of them wearing identical owl caps with the caption ‘Owls’.

And soon after, hot Jarvis posted yet another snap of adorable Evanna where she was seen holding her pet cat that almost resembles Hermione’s cat, Crookshank. And it was with this post that Mr. Perfectionist gave his followers a hint of their romance as the picture was captioned: “Miss my girls a lot this weekend. #Babes #Fiz&Fuz”

And as if confirming their love affair, the pair appeared in Sydney this September as part of Oz Comic-Con. Oz Comic Con is a place for comic books fanatic to dress up as their favorite super hero and heroines. 

However, the adorable couple were seen at the con wearing quite a casual dress and taking part in a Q&A session with the fans at the event held in the Glebe Island Exhibition Centre.

Lynch seemed to have left the school girl image behind as the hot 24 year old star took the center stage in a suede red mini-skirt with buttons down the center, which she wore over a black tank top with a grey cardigan featuring a faux red pocket square.

The actress, with dirty white blonde hair, added to her already beautiful face with a bright red lipstick. While she rocked her classy look, her man opted for a rather casual and grungy bohemian look. 

The actor, aged 29, donned a pair of ripped black skinny jeans with a grey tank top under an unbuttoned open beige shirt over the top. He completed his look with a pair of old weathered brown boots.

Now that we know about their relationship, we hope couple stays together. The actress, belonging to Irish nationality, overcame anorexia with the help of Queen Rowling, who offered her the part of Luna Lovegood in the last four movies of Harry Potter. The actress revealed her story in an interview and has been inspiring numerous girls like her. 

She has an estimated net worth of $4 million.